Halloween Picks

Halloween Picks

Halloween Picks
Have some fun in your office with some spirited decorations this year. We picked our favorite top 5 Halloween Decorations. Enjoy.

5 Halloween Décor Trends

It’s that time of year again: pumpkin spiced… everything! And spooky décor. Halloween can be fun for everyone: kids love candy and adults love seeing kids happy, but you can have some adult fun in your office too! Whether you’re into classic horror, extremely scary stuff, or incredibly fun style, your office can enjoy some spirited festivities. We picked our favorite top 5 Halloween Decorations on Pinterest. Enjoy.

1 - Creative Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is hardly just the old triangle-eyed jack-o-lanterns anymore. We are seeing some next-level art on pumpkins these days, and we love it! New age decorations don’t even have to be lit up to enjoy, so they’re great for around the office to enjoy during work hours. You can pick up templates and carving kits for your favorite designs for cheap and it’s fun!

2 - Fun Doors

You can decorate doors and main entryways with some fun Halloween accessories and set the tone for fun. This door here was our favorite. It’s easy and fun. Even if you don’t want to go overboard in the office to keep the tone work-focused on the war room floor, you can still have some fun for those that are coming and going. And it’ll make a great backdrop for your company photo or company luncheon.

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3 - Bats Everywhere

Bats are synonymous with Halloween. They’re easy to apply to any wall or ceiling to turn your office into a spooky cave, whether using realistic rubber or plastic bats, or even just using cut out paper triangle bats. How many should you use? Go big! Make it feel like a real cave and use as many as you can to give everyone the chills.

4 - Fancy Tables

Having a company luncheon? Make this your centerpiece for all the delectable goodies. The classic white candles give the table that old haunted house feel, and the skeletons add some seriously frightening accents.

5 - Scary Food

If you’re having a costume party and serving lunch or if you just want to leave out some treats, you can have some fun with your food to make it extra scary. Delicious treats that have scary decorations are sure to be a hit. We loved this popcorn! It is very simple and the knife on the side just makes it so terrifying. Mua ha ha!

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