Industrial Chic Design

Industrial Chic Design

Industrial Chic Design
If there’s one element of design you can count on, it’s the cyclical return of styles over time.

The Comeback of Bronze, Gold and Brass

If there’s one element of design you can count on, it’s the cyclical return of styles over time. Every 20 to 30 years or so we start seeing blasts from the past pop up in both fashion and interior design. The fun part is those old trends typically come back in a new way with a reimagined purpose and a modern take on the retro style. While there are plenty of fads we hope remain in the decade they came from (shoulder pads, stay where you belong), the triumphant return of warmer toned metals in Industrial Chic Design is one trend we’re hoping is here to stay!

Chic Design

Industrial Chic style has virtually taken over both commercial and residential spaces in recent months and it’s understandable as to why! This edgy motif inspired by the Industrial Revolution is a contemporary take on the Farmhouse Style. It’s all about mixing raw materials while keeping simplicity in shapes and silhouettes. With a focus on making use of the natural elements already in the space, Industrial Chic design is all about stripping it down and building the design around exposed brick, aged wood and open ceilings.

Chic Design

Whether used in restaurants, retail, residential or office design, warmer metals such as bronze, gold and brass settle perfectly into the backdrop and give off a nice modern-vintage feel. Another aspect of this design style that we love is the freedom to mix metals. Adding splashes of black and stainless steel in with your brass and bronze pieces will add to the rawness of the overall design and bring the whole space together. There are many ways to incorporate these subtle metal accents into your design:

Chic DesignDrawer Pulls:
One quick and easy way to incorporate some of these warmer tones into your Industrial Chic design is by adding some new cabinet hardware into the mix. Gold, Brass and Bronze knobs and pulls give your furniture a nice warm look while still having the raw and modern vibes that fit so well with this design style.

Chic DesignPower Outlets:
Adding power to your space is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the traditional (and, quite frankly, mundane) wall outlets. Compliment your Industrial Chic design with a decorative pop-up outlet in brass or bronze to take your design up a notch!

Chic DesignWork Surface Supports:
In lieu of bulky desk legs, opt for heavy duty work surface supports to hold up your desktop. Both a space saving tool and striking decorative element, heavy duty work surface supports are the perfect addition to your Industrial Chic design.

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The Industrial Chic Design style takes the idea of an open concept plan and highlights its natural form by leaving the building in its original untouched state. It has a way of making industrialized fixtures feel warm and homey. Mixing in the natural bronze, gold and brass tones with cooler touches of stainless steel and aluminum give the entire space a raw, earthy feel that has the unique ability to adapt to any type of space.

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