Architectural Destinations

Architectural Destinations

Architectural Destinations
It’s time to make those summer vacation plans! These breathtaking hotels are architectural landmarks that are guaranteed to help you have the trip of a lifetime.

Landmark Hotels you’re sure to Love

The term “summer vacation” kind of loses its charm as we grow older. Remember the days of being completely carefree all season long? Ah, the sweet innocence of youth. But while those days are getting even further behind us, remember, the windshield is much bigger than the rearview mirror! Planning an exciting summer vacation might be just what you need to feel like a kid again… while enjoying the modern amenities of hotels as an adult. The architecture in Hospitality Design, specifically Hotel Design, is truly awe-inspiring and in this age, it’s apparent that what is on the outside is just as important as what is on the inside. Here’s a look at some of the most stunning landmark hotels that are sure to take your breath away and create some lasting memories on your next trip.

Sheraton Moon Hotel - Huzhou, China

Architectural DestinationsCredit: Xiao Zhi

This resort has been a huge attraction for the international design community for obvious reasons. Its unique annular shape soars over the southern shores of Nan Tai Lake and provides breathtaking scenic views from each guest room. Architectural firm, MAD Architects, took inspiration from the history of the city, which is known as “the house of silk”, when planning the project. The distinctive design which integrates the building right into the waterscape produces a full ring-like reflection that beautifully echoes its natural surroundings. If you’re not already mesmerized by the beauty of what’s on the outside of this resort, the long list of amenities they offer (an infinity pool, private beach and underwater spa to name a few) is sure to have you starry-eyed!

Hotel Marqués de Riscal – Elciego, Spain

Architectural DestinationsCredit: Designbest Magazine

If you are an architectural addict (architecaholic? Is that a thing?), this is the place for you. The hypnotic curves and angles of the structure give it a truly awe-inspiring presence. Incorporating 3000m² of sheets of corrugated titanium in red-pink, gold, and silver to represent the Marqués de Riscal wine bottles, architect Frank Owen Gehry designed this masterpiece to be a landmark for the Rioja wine region of Spain. Perhaps our favorite detail of this work of art is that you can enjoy the beautiful architecture from both inside and outside – the metal design acts as canopy for the balconies and patio areas allowing guests to gaze out over this gorgeous Spanish city through a spectacular architectural lens.






PCS75 Series


Marina Bay Sands Hotel - Singapore

Architectural DestinationsCredit: Safdie Architects

This striking hotel consists of three 57-story towers linked at the bottom by a public thoroughfare with shops, dining, and entertainment. The top of the towers are joined together by an impressive 2.5 acre skypark that includes gardens, restaurants, and the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool that offers glittering bird’s eye views of the city. Architectural firm Safdie Architects designed this hotel to represent a new urban typology characterized by its interconnectedness, and boy did they hit the mark!

Travel is all about immersing yourself in the experience – make your lodging selection just as important as the destination itself. Rest, relaxation, and some serious architectural eye-candy are the perfect combination for an unforgettable summer vacation. Whether you are able to visit these landmarks or any of your own personal favorites, we hope you get enjoy a little R&R this Summer! And if they don’t have the proper power and cable management accommodations in their guest rooms, have them give us a call!

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