3 Custom Home Trends That Are Here To Stay

3 Custom Home Trends That Are Here To Stay
Trends come and go, but sometimes we are lucky enough to have some special styles that stick around a while.

Trends that are Here to Stay!

Trends come and go, but sometimes we are lucky enough to have some special styles that stick around a while. During our first trade show of the year, the International Builder’s Show (IBS, which partners with KBIS for a co-show location), we were able to wander and browse the show floor to see some of the dazzling new trends that will shape the direction of design this year. We found three particular elements that caught our eye, not because they are “new”, but just the opposite actually. These trends have been around for some time now, so this kind of staying power in an oft changing design world makes a powerful statement with no intentions of going out of style. So, keep reading to see what is here to stay!

Copper/ Rose Gold

This warm and sophisticated color has been around for years, but recently it has captivated the hearts of designers all over the world. We’ve seen a surge in copper/ rose gold usage in jewelry, lighting, silverware and hardware. In interior design, copper is synonymous with luxury. It has the unique ability of filling in the gaps and bringing the overall design together as a standalone final touch, serving as the glue to an eclectic array and all the while serving as a statement piece on its own. To incorporate Copper tones successfully into any design, it’s important to embrace its bold personality and use it to signify elegance. If you want to know more about using this beautiful finish in your design, here are some tips you’ll love.


Closet Lighting

Who isn’t in love with new lighting concepts? Your elegant closet probably needs more than a single overhead incandescent or halogen bulb. Let’s face it; that dim yellow glow probably isn’t very inspiring when trying to look your best. Closets deserve better. That’s why looking to more focused accent lighting is such a great idea! It looks beautiful and it is very convenient. The best type of lighting for closets is LED. LED lights are long lasting and energy efficient, plus they generate minimal heat so it won’t put your wardrobe at risk. You can also match the lighting to your cabinet’s finish and room design by playing with warm or cool LED lights.

Closet Lighting

Industrial Design

Want that young and hip look in your space? Think industrial. Industrial design makes a very unique statement. It has a minimalist and almost rustic allure that blends with modern spaces extremely well. This trend started with the transformations of industrial spaces into work and living spaces. This created interesting challenges of its own. The original character of the building cannot be washed away completely, so it’s important to embrace those original footprints. Industrial design incorporates minimalist design, rough textures, and aged metal finishes. Whether trying to blend with or recreate that exposed piping feel, try these cool light fixtures. This is an easy place to start with your renovation since these pointy fixtures with exposed Edison bulbs are pieces of art that totally give that industrial look to any room.

Industrial Lighting

There you have it! These are the top 3 design trends we saw at IBS that we don’t see going away anytime soon. Next trade show is Dwell on Design in Los Angeles. Let’s see how these trends evolve going forward. Dwell on Design show will be on April 5-7 and we’ll be at booth #1112. Hope to see you all there!

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