Top 5 Kitchen Hardware Trends

Top 5 Kitchen Hardware Trends

Top 5 Kitchen Hardware Trends
There’s no doubt that kitchen design in recent years has seen the pendulum swing from bold and daring designs to a more simplistic and minimalist nature.

Top 5 Kitchen Hardware Trends

There’s no doubt that kitchen design in recent years has seen the pendulum swing from bold and daring designs to a more simplistic and minimalist nature. Selecting hardware to match is an important step to consider. Finishes and sizes are a key component in the selection process to match this minimalistic style. From power grommets to drawer pulls, every detail requires thoughtful consideration to make your space more functional without compromising the design. Kitchen hardware in particular is designed with that basic utility in mind to make life around the kitchen much easier.

The first step in creating your dream kitchen is to understand what is important to you and what changes are really necessary to begin with. Sometimes all it takes are some simple hardware touchups to completely transform your kitchen space. We have compiled 5 kitchen hardware trends that will revamp your kitchen in 2019.

1. What are the current big trends for functional and/or decorative hardware?
Pop-Up Power Outlets are a very popular alternative to wall duplexes that tend to interrupt the flow of a beautiful backsplash. They are great because they hide away into the counter top when not in use and can be installed anywhere, wherever power is needed. They’re water tight and GFCI rated too. That’s important! Great for remodels or new construction. See Mockett PCS77A,

Decorative hardware pieces, Drawer Pulls in particular, are taking on a more consistent theme. A recent interior design trend we loved involved mixing metals to create some really interesting blends and finishes for a varied palate, but now we’re seeing more consistency in matching styles and finishes throughout. Black and Antique Bronze/Copper are making some big moves in kitchen hardware as they give some weight and provide a nice bold contrast. See Mockett DP3A,

Drawer Pulls Knobs & Door handles
Photo: Kroft Studio

2. What are the aesthetic trends for decorative hardware? Is hardware blending in or standing out? Are pieces larger or smaller? What kinds of details do people want?

Decorative hardware isn’t so much there to stand out or blend in as much as it is there to service a basic utility as a standalone piece – and look good in the process. Granted, those finishing touches are designed to fit into the overall aesthetic, and drawer pulls with clean lines and minimalist, contemporary style are sure to settle into the design. So they do still serve a complementary purpose.

This focus on modern form is important for future-proofing hardware that will maintain a contemporary look for years to come. This simple elegance in Drawer Pulls comes from a back-to-basics approach with special attention given to the smooth lines that define an ergonomic shape. Basically, it takes a lot of painstaking detail to make something seem so simple.

Kitchen Cabinets
Photo: Braam's Custom Cabinets

3. What are the top finish choices for hardware? What materials are being used most?

Black is back. Black gives an industrial feel to the design with a serious tone and is typically pretty forgiving when it comes to fingerprints and blemishes. Stainless Steel and Satin Nickel are always a home run on any surface too. What’s so unique about these highly versatile finishes is they encompass both a classic, traditional look and a modern, contemporary style all at once for a truly timeless blend. See Mockett DP128,


4. How is hardware important to the overall design of the kitchen/bath? How does it help these spaces function more efficiently?

Hardware is the single most important element of any functional space. The devil is in the details as they say. It not only adds critical functionality to your furniture, but it provides the finishing touches that make your design look stunning. Conversely, poor hardware selection can mar your furniture’s harmonious relationship with the rest of the room. Functional hardware is essential for modern amenities like convenient power access on countertops.

Photo: Divine Design Center

5. Is there anything new in hardware right now? Are there any advances in or impacts of technology?

Integrating technology into appliances and connecting devices with a centralized control interface to control almost everything in your kitchen from an ipad (stove, lights, etc). Kitchen faucets with sensors make it easy to wash up when your hands are full (or dirty). Kitchen smart devices are streamlining our basic routines with convenience in mind.

Kitchen Devices

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