Dwell on Design 2017

Dwell on Design 2017

Dwell on Design 2017
Dwell on Design, a modern design-themed trade show, returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center to showcase the latest in furniture and accessories and residential design applications.

Dwell on Design 2017

Dwell on Design, a modern design-themed trade show, returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center to showcase the latest in furniture and accessories in residential design applications. From tiny homes to smart homes, the show offered plenty of inspiration for interior designers and design enthusiasts and gave us a glimpse of what's new and what's coming.

Here are three trends that we took away from the show and expect to see more of in the future:

1) Smart Homes:

This is hardly a new concept, but every year it is evolving and growing increasingly more popular. What we expect in most of the homes of the future is a full integration among appliances, including: lighting, heating & air conditioning, door locks, TV’s, kitchen appliances, and computers. You’ll be able to set the mood for your home with the press of a button. Activate your "movie night" setting for instance, and the lights dim and your home theater sound comes on to give you that movie theater feel. Or what about a party setting? You just press the button and your favorite party play list starts playing. Having a fully integrated home setup will offer you the ultimate in comfort and user experience.

Smart homes with Control4


Another neat and futuristic design that caught our attention was a door that opens and locks with only your finger prints. How cool is that? Swipe your finger over the sensor and the handle activates for entry, then automatically retracts back into its recessed housing after it closes behind you. No need for keys anymore!


Smart homes with Barema Windows & Doors


2) Wood:
In case you haven't noticed, wood is very popular these days! We recently saw wood on the rise in commercial designs at NeoCon 2017, but now it also seems wood is trending in interior design for homes too. Ceiling lamps, flooring, tables, and even custom bicycles. Natural materials are a great way to reconnect with nature, plus the clean lines and smooth contours open this trend to endless possibilities in design.

Wood Design - Secto Design
Secto Design


3) Tiny Homes:
As seen on TV. No doubt the television craze has created an entirely new market, and the tiny homes at the show definitely caught everyone’s attention. From pre-fab homes (which was assembled in 24 hours for the show) to airstream campers, everything is designed to fit perfectly into these tiny spaces. Although small, they are surprisingly comfortable and roomy. Is this trend going to reinvent vacation housing? It sure seems that way.

Tiny Homes - Autocamp

Tiny Homes - AutoCamp


Some honorable mentions from the show:

1) Industrial Design:
Industrial design still plays a big role in providing the best finishing touches. Hand crafted bronze lamps and door hardware give a beautiful accent to other natural materials.

Industrial Design - Sun Valley Bronze
Sun Valley Bronze


2) Product Development:
If you have a product idea in mind but don’t know how to execute, check out OAC Design. At the show, they had a smart table with wireless charging and our cable manager, MAX5.

Product Development  -OAC Design
OAC Design


3) 3D Printing:
3D printing takes creativity to a new level. Virtually anything you can think of can be printed in any material. Lace 3D Printed Jewelry had some neat jewelry designs on display, some that were printed in rose gold and other composite metal materials and polished to a brilliant shine. Everywhere we look, 3D printing seems to be ahead of the curve and changing the game. Who knew they'd be moving into the world of fashion with such vigor?

3D Printing - Lace 3D Jewelry
Lace 3D Printing


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