HK20 - Purse Hook

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  • HK20-SSS (Satin Stainless Steel)
    HK20-SSS (Satin Stainless Steel)
  • HK20-90 (Matte Black)
    HK20-90 (Matte Black)
  • HK20-95 (Glossy White)
    HK20-95 (Glossy White)
  • HK20-PSS (Polished Stainless Steel)
    HK20-PSS (Polished Stainless Steel)


Designed by: Rick Poliquin, Henderson, NV
2010 Design Contest Winner!

Suspend a purse or bag underneath a table or anywhere you like, keeping it off the ground and close at hand. As a permanent fixture, patrons never have to worry about forgetting or fumbling with their own flimsy portable purse hook accessory. Wavy design not only makes for a groovy look, but also ensures the bag stays in place and prevents it from slipping off.
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