Doug Mockett & Company Design Competition Blue RibbonANNUAL DESIGN CONTEST


2015 will be our 30th Annual Design Competition. Seeking the best innovative ideas in furniture parts, components, accessories and hardware. Even if you think your idea is too prosaic, dull, unusual or "not good enough", we urge you to send it in and let us be the judge of that. You would be surprised at how many First Place award winners were shocked when they got the congratulatory call! They never thought they had a chance...

Entry is easy: Send us a clear write-up about your idea. A drawing is even better, and a model is best. Please send FedEx or Registered mail and show Attn: Design Competition on your label or airbill.  Entries can also be emailed to (PDF files only).

Deadline is September 2nd and the judges meet and decide in December.

There are only First Place awards and an unlimited number of winners. In the past, winners have ranged from one to four. First Place entries are awarded $1000, an engraved achievement trophy, and a royalty based on sales.

Click here for our address. Questions can be emailed to:, or call 800-523-1269, from the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands or 310-318-2491 from everywhere else.



Are there any restrictions for entry (i.e. age, profession, student or professional restrictions, etc)?
No, there are no restrictions for entry. Everyone is allowed and encouraged to submit ideas.

Are international entries accepted?
Yes, we accept entries from all over the world. Note local electrical standards may differ from your native country if applicable in your design.

Can I submit multiple ideas?
Yes, you may send in multiple entries. Please submit entries separately for review.

Can I submit a video entry?
Yes, you can send a video demonstration or explanation of your idea so long as it is accompanied by a PDF presentation.

Will I still own the rights to my design?
Yes, you own rights to your design. But you license the design exclusively to us to make and distribute for 15 years. After 15 years we can continue to sell the part, and you can also arrange to have anyone else do the same, if you choose.

What are the terms for royalty payments?
Royalties are paid annually. They are paid by March 31 for the prior year. Royalties are paid at the rate of 5% of what we sell the part for. They run for 15 years from the date of first sale. This is important because it often takes a year or more to bring the design through final design and manufacturing to be ready to sell. It is not uncommon for a winning design from 2011, for example, to not be ready to sell until 2012 or even 2013. For example, a 2011 winning design that has its first sale February 5, 2013, would run 15 years from February 5, 2013 -- until February 4, 2028.


29th ANNUAL DESIGN CONTEST - 2014 WINNERS! Doug Mockett & Company Design Competition Blue Ribbon

It's that time of year again already. Wait, the year has just begun - what time of year is that? I mean the time where we take a moment to reflect on the designs of 2014. We had an overwhelming number of entries once again, which makes us proud to think that this little Design Competition of ours has really grown over the last couple decades. In fact, that being said, coincidentally, this year, 2015, will be our 30th Anniversary, and we can't wait to see what new concepts come out next!

With all the great entries of 2014, there were two that really stood out, and we'd like to take this opportunity to recognize the two winners.


Quad Panel Grip
Designed by William Lawrence, Anna, Texas

William Lawrence, of Anna, TX is no stranger to our competition and is now a repeat winner! His quad panel grip benching divider is truly innovative in offering simple desktop solutions for shared work spaces. Call centers, trading desks, or anywhere that might be referred to as the "war room" stand to benefit from these clever 4-way dividers. Easily adaptable and interchangeable privacy panel screen systems just got even simpler. Or, technically, more complex depending on how you look at it... Complexity simplified. Yes, that's it.


  Doodle Wire Manager

Quad Panel Grip


"Doodle" Wire Manager
Designed by Ofir Zucker, Ramat Gan, Israel

Ofir Zucker, of Ramat Gan, Israel is also a repeat winner! Having won a previous competition with a table leg design, this time around, he changed gears and came up with a handy wire management tool. A two-part set, known as "Doodle", are highly versatile and can be applied to virtually any surface. These twisty ribbon-like contraptions create different channels for running cabling and can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the back or underside of a desk to keep your workspace looking nice and tidy. Fun, lively design and high capacity cable management options, a winning combination.


Stay tuned for announcements concerning availability on the winning entries. We will start planning development and production immediately, and once these items are slated for introduction into our product line, we will include them in our "New Products" section on our website.

Congratulations to the winners and a huge thanks to all who entered. We enjoyed reviewing every single entry and are thrilled to see the design community is alive with inspiration. Keep those ideas coming for the 30th Anniversary Competition!