Doug's News

December 2016

Dear Friends --

The strangest things happen on the Carrera rally, the 2500 mile length-of-Mexico event we do annually. But nothing can top what happened this year.

We had a rest break one morning in the small village of Chapa de Mota. A old woman came up and spoke to me in Spanish, a language I don't understand with any fluency. So I suggested she speak to navigator, and Mexican citizen, Manuel. So she did --- blah blah blah ... it appeared to be very animated.

Manuel came over and said, "she wants you to buy the village an ambulance". My reaction was, "what?". Then along came the village mayor, asking the same. And explaining the village was a 2 hour drive to the nearest hospital and it takes an ambulance 3 hours to get to the village and 2 hours back --5+ hours total. And a lot bad can happen to ill people in those long hours.

We left, and that was that. But the ambulance issue stayed with us.

A few weeks later Manuel called from Mexico and said that out of the blue a used car dealer friend had taken onto his car lot a used ambulance. And the price was right. And Chapa de Mota needed it.

So we are now negotiating for the ambulance, figuring out Mexican rules for used ambulances, stocking it with supplies, licensing, training, etc.

Hopefully we can get it all done soon. Manuel and Oscar and I hope to deliver the ambulance to Chapa de Mota before December 25 and give the village a fabulous Christmas! Complete with Santa Claus to pop out of the back and hand out presents to the kids!

Personally, I am very grateful the lady had the courage to ask. And have wondered how many times before she had asked and been told 'no'. 10? 100? 1000? Persistence pays. I don't know her name, but thank you.

All of us at Doug Mockett & Company send Christmas good wishes to you and yours. And our best for the New Year as well.


Douglas A.J. Mockett


November 2016

Dear Friends --

The Carrera Panamericana was over a few weeks ago and were we 4th? Or were we 3rd?

Both it turns out, but eventually credited 4th.

Here is what happened. During first day's stages, one of the organizer's timing crew made a huge error, and our time for a speed stage was inadvertently given to us as three minutes more than it really was. The crew confused our car number with another's.

Compounding the error, and in reality our own fault for not closely checking the times daily, was that until the end when we saw the timing error, was that we did not protest the mistake -- until it was too late.

So -- we were officially 4th, though in reality, 3rd.

Doug, Manuel and the great grandson of Pancho VillaManuel Iguiniz, my new (and brilliant) navigator, did a terrific job, called all the corners correctly, and for a first timer used to navigating in a BMW Mini, he was immediately comfortable with 'Olds in Name Only' 650hp, and was even cool when we did an 80mph slide along a guardrail -- on his side of the car of course!

3rd? 4th? It doesn't matter. The experience and adventures are what mattered.

The Spanish Colonial towns we visited in central Mexico are themselves well worth a visit. Puebla, about 50-60 miles southeast of Mexico City, has the most magnificent Cathedral. It also has an incredibly beautiful library designed and built in the 1700's. Absolutely magnificent.

We read a lot about the mess in Mexico. Forget it. The country is stunning, the people friendly, the culture vibrant, the food and wines varied all over. Mexico City has gorgeous parks and world class museums. Well worth a visit.

2017 will be the 30th anniversary of the Carrera. Manuel and I will be back, gunning for First.


Douglas A.J. Mockett


October 2016

Hello Friends:

If it is October it must mean La Carrera Panamericana time once again! This is the road race that runs for seven days and some 2500 miles through Mexico, this year starting in Queteraro. Heading south to Puebla, then back north through Mexico City and various Spanish Colonial cities of the north before ending in Durango.

Once again we'll try to win ... It's not easy with world class competition from Mexico, USA and Europe. We've been at it I think 27 times since this event was created in 1988 and have had every imaginable result possible from winning to crashing out! But it is the best week of the year which is why we do it. The racing is great, the Mexican people are friendly, the food and scenery are unequalled, etc., etc. Forget what you see in the press, Mexico is one fabulous place.

1954 Oldsmobile And once again we'll be back with 'Olds en Nombre Solamente' (Olds in Name Only), our 650hp substantially modified 1954 Oldsmobile two door sedan.

The original race ran from 1950 to 1954 to publicize the road through Mexico joining USA to Central America, so they favor cars 'of the period'.

This year it starts October 13 and concludes October 20. You can follow on or on the La Carrera Panamericana website.

Please see the list of trade shows we'll be displaying at in 2017, as well as 2016's concluding show, BDNY, November 13-14 at Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Douglas A.J. Mockett


September 2016

Dear Friends:

Our Giant 50% Flash Sale flyer is at the printers and will go into the mail "soon". It should arrive the week of September 12. And will be posted on our website as well.

The sale is broken down into seven categories matching the seven primary categories of parts and accessories we sell. One category will be on sale every week for those seven weeks.

Sale begins Monday, September 19 and goes through the week of October 8. But not leaving any stone unturned, the week of October 15 we will hold a Final, Final "Junkyard Dog Sale of Sales" and hope to clear out any remaining excess inventory.

We don't do sales very often and are pleased to offer some of our great parts at bargain prices.

Labor day is traditionally the end of Summer and the beginning of school, leaves turning, lake cabins being closed for the Winter, RV's parked, and heavy clothes coming out.

Have a great Fall!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


August 2016

Dear Friends:

It is with great pleasure I share with you our growth. Not just growth in sales, but growth in our people. We've long had the policy of promoting from within and it has been a good one. We are able to take experienced people who know our company, know our customers, our products, our systems, our customer-oriented culture, and promote them almost seamlessly into greater responsibilities. So with a silent drumroll ("ta da") please welcome the following to their new challenges:

Oscar Carillo is our new Purchasing Manager. A 25 year vet of the company, he has worked in many areas before moving to Purchasing a few years ago.

Melissa Punch will be our New Products Manager. Melissa brings some deep experience to this task, having worked on new designs with many industrial designers and vendors.

Billy Peele has taken over all Marketing Manager duties. Billy has been doing our social media and now adds print and video.

Joe Gutierrez will be our new Graphic Designer, having worked up from Assistant over the past 5 years.

And Rod Nieto, a 19 year veteran, will be our new IT Manager.

Tyra Cunningham has been our Customer Service Manager for the past 8 years, has done a great job, and will continue to do a brilliant job in that role.

It is comforting to know we have such depth of talent in a small company.

Enjoy the balmy days of August... hope you can get away to the lake, the beach or the mountains!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


July 2016

Dear Friends:

We've been doing NeoCon for over 20 years now, and trust us when we say this was our best show yet!

360 degree virtual tourOur monstrous 140' long booth took over much of the 7th Floor - we were hard to miss! You can view it in its entirety via our Virtual 360° Tour.

We are humbled by the response from the show. We had a new booth with new trimmings and a fresh new take on our design. We even had a handful of first timers from our staff working the show this year. Simply put, it all just felt new again. Quite invigorating. We hope the heavy traffic at the show is a sign of good things to come for all. The show was very inspiring, embracing mobility and flexibility - a millennial facelift for the traditional office space with innovative and adaptable workspaces. Our mix of contemporary hardware seemed to settle right in with the new transitional design.

If this was your first time at the show, we are happy to have you with us and we look forward to a long relationship with you. For those of you who came to visit us who have been with us for years, as always, we appreciate your continued support. We truly had a fabulous time. Farewell, Chicago. Until next time...

Douglas A. J. Mockett


June 2016

Dear Friends:

   The trucks just left with our 140 foot long booth for NEOCON! It takes three 53' trucks to haul it all from LA to Chicago. Our little street here in a residential part of downtown Torrance was filled with honking horns and waving fists from irate drivers, while the trucks bobbed and weaved like prizefighters, trying to back into our little driveway to be loaded. It was a sight! Thankfully a short one so the neighbors are happy once again.

Getting ready for NeoCon    We are very pleased to present to you many, many new ideas and concepts. Our slogan "Fine Architectural Hardware for Your Fine Furniture" sums up our nearly four decade philosophy perfectly. We do our best to conceive, design and then execute the finest hardware and components for your best furniture.

   And it works! When we're at a trade show we take immense pride to see your furniture with our hardware. Being a B2B direct marketing company we rarely see the end result. So it is a pleasure to see "in action" so to speak.

   At NEOCON we're on the 7th floor, booth 7-8030. Please do stop by 9-5 Monday-Wednesday, June 13-15. We'd love the opportunity to show you around.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


May 2016

Dear Friends:

   Trade show season is upon us! As you can see from our Tradeshows page, we will be at many diverse shows. As a direct marketing company we love to say "hello" to those voices we know on the phone.

   We have lots of new products on our new display boards and are eager to show them to you. We’ll be at HD Expo in Las Vegas Wednesday through Friday of this week; hope to catch up with you there.

New Yorker Cartoon    April 22-24 was the 10th annual Chihuahua Express 1100 mile rally. We won the first one in 2007, won again in 2013, and have always been really close to winning again. So there we were just cruising along on a highway speed transit section outside Chihuahua, Mexico, when out of the blue all hell broke loose. Car veered left and -- BOOM! -- hit the center divider wall moving the wall back some three feet. Then the Olds careened back into its own lane, narrowly missed a break in the divider, and - BOOM! - hit the wall again. Somehow either the left front tire went down or the steering rack broke for hit #1, then the car, with front wheels askew and no steering input, just turned itself into the wall for hit #2.

   Sounds bad but the car barely kissed the wall. We’ll be back in action for October’s Carrera Panamericana!

   Happy Spring after the non-Winter.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


April 2016

Dear Friends:

   One of the benefits we offer is, after five years' employment, a three month fully paid sabbatical. Actually I borrowed the concept from academia, where the idea was that a professor took a break from teaching for a school term to follow his muses. And came back refreshed. Why not? Our people come back tanned and relaxed and eager to get back to building the biz.

   But I have never taken a sabbatical. Time's up! After 35 years I am just finishing up my own sabbatical. Since January 1, Rita and I have been 3000 miles and four time zones away from the fray and everyday of work. And it has been great! Gives one time to think on the state of things, to reflect on what could have been, and more than enough time to think about new products and new markets and marketing concepts.New Yorker Cartoon A good opportunity to plan for the next decade or more. The sabbatical concept is quite common in Europe but not here. And it should be. Relaxed and refreshed employees do better quality work. It is as simple as that.

   Besides, with the communications of the 21st Century, iPhone, iPad, SKYPE, etc., no one really knows where you are physically located. Which brings to mind the cartoon on the right.

   It was great to be away and even better to be back.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


March 2016

Dear Friends:

   In memory of our dearly missed employee, Hector Tovar, who was tragically taken from us in 2000, we annually award The Hector Tovar Award to the employee(s) who best exemplify his incredibly infectious spirit. Believe me, it is a Big Moment. Employees submit their choices and the submissions are well thought out and considerate. This year I am pleased to announce there were two winners, Paul de Leon and Paul Harkin. They work closely together, Paul de Leon in drafting, and Paul Harkin in building our trade show exhibits. They work so closely they are referred to as "Paul Squared".

   Photo shows Paul de Leon on the left and Paul Harkin on the right. Each will receive a smaller version of the memorial Hector Tovar Award I am holding, engraved with their name, of course.

   Live ChatOn February 10 we took another step in modern communications by launching our very own Live Chat feature on our website. Now, when you look at any page on the Mockett website you will see the Live Chat icon on the right side of the page. Just tap onto it and BOOM! - you are Live Chatting away! Any and all questions answered quickly and thoroughly. We hope you like it and use it.

   Happy Spring after the non-Winter.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


February 2016

Dear Friends:

   After only one month into 2016, we are already making huge progress on a number of new parts. We expect to launch several of these new products in the first quarter, including our recent Design Competition winning entries. If this first month is setting the tone for 2016 as a whole, we are going to be in for a busy production year!

   Speaking of new products, we will also be releasing several new designs as an extension of an existing product line. A part that you may be familiar with already in fact. Simple, classic tab pull design, DP3, now re-imagined with a twist. Sometimes we get caught up searching the globe for new design inspiration and we forget to stop and look around here at home. We thought maybe after 30 years of production on the original best-selling DP3, it might be time to mix it up. So we set up an in-house design contest where we got over 30 entries. In the end, three were selected, each issued a prize from 1st to 3rd place, and just like that, three new drawer pulls are born.DP3 Design Contest

   Congratulations to the winning participants: 1st Place - Jamaul Teague, 2nd Place - Francis Manalac, 3rd Place - Diego Wuethrich.

   At this rate, we expect 2016 to be full of surprises. Onward innovation!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


January 2016

Dear Friends:

   2015 was a great year for new products. We introduced 48 new product families, which translates into 579 new SKUs. 2016 looks to be an even better year. We already have some 40+ new products in development, not all of which will make the final cut, but perhaps 30 will. Not all bad. Later in the year we plan to produce another 300+ page full line color catalog, and mail it to everyone on our mailing list. This is a massive (read: expensive!) undertaking which is why we do it only every 3-4 years!

   Wireless charging is the way to go and we are leading the field with our variety of very simple to use, yet very technically advanced wireless charging systems. With more to come!

   We acquired the warehouse next door to our existing ones, adding another 13% capacity, for a total of some 70,000 square feet. And to think 35 years ago it was just me in the garage!

   But best of all - we had a ball selecting wacky cartoons to use in each month's E-News. Always a hoot! Like this one, completely appropriate after Holiday binging.

   Looking forward to working with you to make your 2016 The Best ever!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


December 2015

Dear Friends:

   Can you believe 2015 is coming to a close already? Another year gone by. That's not to say it wasn't a year to remember though!

   2015 was another monumental year. Another year of expansion. We are growing! New hires, new products, and even a new facility. We recently took over the building next door and have since remodeled and connected the properties, which required tearing down walls, leveling the parking lot and reconfiguring the perimeter. All for the sake of expanding our wings. This newly acquired square footage will allow us to focus on more R&D and constructing new trade show displays.

   Speaking of trade shows, we had another auspicious show calendar in 2015 and we are thankful for all the new friends we met. We are excited to expand our reach in 2016 by kicking off the new year with our first showing at IBS on January 19-21 in Las Vegas. We hope to see you there!

   A very Happy Holiday to you and yours. Thank you for your continued support. We're here because of you. And for you.

   May 2016 be a good year...

Douglas A. J. Mockett
Holiday ribbon & holly 

November 2015

Dear Friends:

   Last month I wrote glowingly about the upcoming Carrera Panamericana. We had a great car and great expectations, and nearly fulfilled them. Key word "nearly".

   Qualified 8th of some 100 entries and held 8th overall for a few days (of 7 days and 2500 miles) before slowly moving up to 6th and 5th and then 4th with a day to go. We were on the charge!

   Then it happened. On the last afternoon of the last day. Of course. Driving full bore on a stage named appropriately "Spine of the Devil", with huge drop offs on both sides, slowed into a turn and slammed on the brakes, and... and... and... NO brakes! Somehow we didn't go over the edge of the Spine of the Devil and into oblivion, and somehow miraculously kept it on the road, but that was it for our race. O-U-T. A few hours later the Olds was loaded on the trailer and back to LA.

La Carrera Panamericana   The irony is we would have ended up in 3rd place overall as the guy we were chasing for 3rd ended up blowing his engine and, like us, did not finish!

   Mother said there would be days like this... and mom was always right.

   Then the worst irony is we are now back at work and have to face reality... and another six months before driving the Olds in the Chihuahua Express. Cannot wait!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


October 2015

Dear Friends:

   Everywhere in North America the month of October means that football season is in full swing. Except in Mexico! That country welcomes the annual running of La Carrera Panamericana, a race/rally from southern to northern Mexico. The route tries to emulate that of the original Pan Am, held from 1950 to 1954, run by the government to obtain publicity for the new Pan American highway running the length of Mexico and joining the USA to Guatemala, to say nothing of starting a modern highway system. And it was a wild affair, too! The race went full tilt through towns and villages, chickens scattered, hay bales exploded, and more than one spectator lost his life. Declaring they'd received enough PR (but really to end the carnage) the Mexican government closed it down after the 1954 race.

   Then in 1988, an enterprising young Mexican promoter arranged to revive the event, only to be run as a "rally" with parts of the roads closed off for speed stages. It is nearly 30 years later and I'm pleased to say this is my - what? 26th or 27th Carrera - and the one event we look forward to annually.

La Carrera Panamericana    Our trusty 1954 "Olds en Nombre Solamente" (Olds in Name Only) with 650hp and highly modified from the original Olds design, will be ready to win again. We were 2nd last year and 2nd this year at the three-day Chihuahua Express, so 2015 is our turn!

   Event starts Friday, October 16 in the southern town of Tuxtla Gutierrez and ends 7 days and 2500 grueling miles later in Durango on Thursday, October 23. We'll keep you posted as we (hopefully) progress!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


September 2015

Dear Friends:

   While we hope everyone is enjoying Summer 2015 - and it's been a warm and dry one most everywhere - we've been at work on new temptations. Hard to believe we have some 40-50 new ideas in the works, most of which will debut shortly after New Year's.

   It is so much easier nowadays with 3-D printers taking paper to prototype in a matter of hours. No longer wait 4-6 weeks for a sample... and from prototyping to tooling in a day or two, to parts-on-shelves in no time! Simply amazing...

Old Millington Building   Our big news is we acquired the building next door, after on-again-off-again talks with the owner the past 10 years. It is another 8,000 square feet, so in all we will now have some 70,000 square feet. Here is a photo from the outside - before we cleaned the front. We are just slightly keeping ahead of the designers and 3-D printers and inventory. Some days it seems like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

   Please remember our annual Design Contest deadline has been extended to October 1. I know YOU have a brilliant idea for a furniture component or accessory! Unleash those creative juices and send it to us.

   Football season is about to begin; a great time of year.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


July 2015

Dear Friends:

   Whew ...

   We can finally sit back and relax a little. Last week we were all running like crazy people, as we had displays at our two biggest trade shows, NeoCon in Chicago and InfoComm in Orlando. Both going on the same week and half a continent apart! So we had two hard-working teams, one in each city. Our booth at NeoCon was 140 ft feet long. I think the other end was in another zip code, it was so far away.

   It was a pleasure to meet old customers and greet new people who stopped by. In fact, it was quite impressive, seeing how many new faces there were.

   Our product line was well-received by new and old and our new product offerings seemed to hit a sweet spot. We were especially pleased with our various models of wireless chargers. It looks like that is the way to go. If you'd like to see the display panels you saw at any of our shows, you can do it by visiting

Douglas A.J. Mockett, President    It was an honor to be invited to speak about "How to Create a More Effective Workspace" and it seemed to go well. We have it on our website at if you'd like to see.

   Still in its infancy but wireless transmission of electrical energy seems the future. Imagine your laptop and task lamp working just fine, charging always, with no cords in sight! It will put us makers of Wire Management into the Buggy Whip era, but we'll figure something out. Seriously - check out U Beam. Or the Bombardier Magic Bus. The future is closer than we think!.

   Thanks for coming to our booths, and thanks for your continuing support. You make it all happen.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


June 2015

Dear Friends:

   June is the epicenter of trade show season and we'll be at two of the biggies, NEOCON in Chicago and InfoComm in Orlando. The dates can be found on our 2015 Trade Shows page. They overlap a bit but we'll be fully manned at both and can hardly wait.

   At NEOCON we've updated last year's 140 foot long battleship of a display with all our newest and latest parts. I'm always impressed with our innovations and clever designs that solve the ordinary, daily problems we all encounter. Hope you will be as well.

Douglas A.J. Mockett, President    NEOCON has invited me to speak about "How to Create a More Effective Workspace" with an emphasis upon the newest trends in power and communications. I am honored to have been invited. The talk is at 1pm on Monday, June 15 on the 7th floor of the Merchandise Mart in room 7B. I hope to meet you there. Contact the Mart for tickets.

   Be sure to stop by our booth! It is booth number 7-8030, on the 7th floor. If you can come Monday June 15, we'll be serving wine and snacks from 3pm on.

   And if you're coming to InfoComm, please be our guest! When you sign up use our VIP code: DOU357.

   All the best for a great Summer 2015.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


May 2015

Dear Friends:

   Trade show season is upon us in a big way. In May we'll have displays at AIA Expo in Atlanta and HD Expo in Las Vegas, both in the middle of the month; visit our 2015 Trade show page for exact dates and locales.

   We'll have all our new and old stuff on display. Please come by and say 'hi'. I plan to be in Las Vegas and hope to see you there.

   Just mailed a brand new brochure featuring EDP/V2 which will shortly become the power grommet and wire management solution everyone will be demanding! It is a brand new design with advanced features, you'll love it!

Chihuahua Express    Last weekend Angelica Fuentes and I drove 1200 miles in three days across northern Mexico in the Chihuahua Express rally, finishing second overall and first in class. Second is frustrating but, fair and square, we were beaten - by 47 seconds over 1200 miles! - by Gabriel Perez, a good pal and helluva race driver. Ms. Fuentes never missed calling a corner, the 1954 Olds ran like a champ and I drove well. We were just flat beaten. Grrrrrr... but we'll be back at it in October in the Carrera Panamericana. Stay tuned!

   The earthquake in Nepal has us all unnerved. We are collecting food, first aid kits, blankets and tarps, etc., and sending it to Nepal. Please send us your contribution by May 9 and we'll ship it from the USA. Thanks...

Douglas A. J. Mockett


April 2015

Dear Friends:

   Seems like the winter of 2014-2015 is just not giving up without a struggle! But it will soon give way to sunny days and clear, blue skies.

   Trade show season has begun and I hope you can stop by and say hello at one of our Trade Shows where we'll be exhibiting. We are extra proud of all our new parts and concepts! Our people are anxious to explain our new items to you.

   The motor racing season has also started up with the Indy Cars last weekend, and coming to Long Beach middle of this month before the classic Indy 500 Memorial Day weekend. For the third year we are proud to help sponsor Spencer Pigot, an exceptionally fine driver.

Spencer Pigot   Last year Spencer won the ProMazda Championship and has moved up to Indy Lights, just a step below the Big Dogs.

   The Indy Lights year started off at St Petersburg, FL with two races. Spencer qualified fifth in both, and finished third in both! So a promising start towards, hopefully, another championship. But it won't be easy. On each step of the ladder the competition gets tougher and tougher. But if anyone is up to it, Spencer is The Man.

   The Indy Lights series will be on a tape delay, and we will try to let you know of the air dates.

Best Regards,
Douglas A. J. Mockett


March 2015

Dear Friends:

   Trade Show season is just around the corner and are we excited about it! The schedule where we will be exhibiting can be found on our Trade Shows page, and I trust you will be able to stop by, see our incredible new concepts, and say hello to our knowledgeable staff. We are proud of our new products, all designed to enhance your future.

   Life Lesson Learned, or, "What could possibly go wrong?"

Doug's trunk full of fire extinguisher expelled   Here is a photo (right) of the trunk of my car. The tan stuff everywhere is the discharge from one of the fire extinguishers I was taking to get recharged.

   Yes, I admit that one of the safety pins fell out of one of the extinguishers as it was placed in the trunk, but I thought - what were the chances the thing would roll over in the trunk and set itself off? Slim to none, I reasoned. Wrong.

   Not only did the extinguisher-gone-wild fill the trunk but the stuff also oozed out the back of the trunk and forward into the driver compartment - looked like the entire car was on fire!

   An expensive cleaning and detailing and the car is like new. But - a lesson learned - Like they teach you about hand grenades in Army basic training -- be sure the pin is in! Or else ...

   Spring is coming and the snow is going (we hope for those inundated this season), and we look forward to a great 2015 for you.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


February 2015

Photos of Mockett Products In Use? Anyone?

Calling all customers: do you have pictures of your finished application featuring our parts in use? Would you be willing to share with us so we can feature them on our social media outlets in the future?

This goes both ways of course. We'd like to in turn show you a little love by featuring your company and photo credits for promotional purposes when using the photos.

It's just that it dawned on us that we never get to reconnect with our customers after the parts are installed, and quite frankly, we'd love to see them! We trust that the installations must always go well... since you keep coming back to order more, we presume that means you are happy with our products. But we always wonder "Where do the parts go? Where are our products installed and how do they look in a finished application?"

Sometimes we even get word back that our parts end up in some really unique places that surely everyone would love to see. But how do we share without your help? We understand that often times the person placing the order with us is ultimately not the person installing the parts and there may be several levels of communication between the order and the job site. But if you have access or are doing the job yourself, please reconnect with us and share.

Your design inspiration only helps us grow. Please email any images to or call us at 800-523-1269.


January 2015

Dear Friends:

   2014 has come and gone in a flash! Far too quickly Winter turned to Spring to Summer to Fall... and now back to Winter! Opportunities and problems came and went, but the sun rose every day! Not all bad.

   The highlight of 2014, indeed of every year, was celebrating the legacy of Hector Tovar, our dear friend and co-worker who passed away in 2000, far too young. Annually we honor Hector by awarding a namesake trophy to the employee(s) who best emulate his fine qualities of hard work, dedication, sunny personality and leadership. All employees write their choice(s). There are quite a few and it takes some time to review and decide!

Hector Tovar Award Winners - Deedee and Emilio   In 2014 it is a pleasure to have the Hector Tovar award go to DeeDee Manalang and Emilio Miranda.

   DeeDee has been with us 8 years and is a well-respected member of our warehouse crew, keeping the place clean and ship-shape.

   Emilio is part of our custom order team, and demonstrates his leadership every day keeping demanding clients happy! He is a 2-year veteran.

   All our hats are off to them both! Congratulations to DeeDee and Emilio.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


December 2014

Dear Friends:Happy Holidays!

   Hard to believe another 12 months has gone by. Where does the time go? Worse, the older we get the faster it seems to go by!

   We celebrated 2014 with our two-years-in-the making new Catalog 23 which you should have; let us know if you do not or need another. It is 300 pages of the latest and greatest in furniture parts and components.

   We anticipate 2015 being a great year. At the moment we are developing some 40-50 new products. Many are truly breakthrough concepts, others are line extensions of existing products. No matter which category they are, we think you'll approve. Good stuff all.

   Plus we will be at it all through the coming year... thinking, drawing, writing, discussing... coming up with ideas we laugh at, frown at, cry at... then dig down deep and make it, and - BOOM! - you love it. Very rewarding.

   A very Happy Holiday to you and yours. And thanks for your support. We're here because of you, and for you.

   May 2015 be a good year...

Douglas A. J. Mockett


November 2014

Dear Friends:

Oldsmobile   October means La Carrera Panamericana - the 7 day 2500 mile rally the length of Mexico - and we were in it again, for at least the 20th time since 1988; maybe even 24 or 25 times.

   We qualified 5th (of 84 cars), not all bad. At the end of Day One we were 3rd. Not all bad. But Day Two it rained like crazy - in Mexico! - and we dropped to 12th, better than throwing the 4000 pound Olds off the road and into the desert.

La Carrera Panamericana   In my mind this race really doesn't start until Day 5 and from there it is three days of flat out driving. So we bided our time and let others be stars and leaders.

   Ms. Fuentes did her usual great job of navigating - she'd driven the entire 2500 mile course the week before, taking accurate notes of all corners and hazards - so we were quite comfortable lying back, relaxed.

    Day 7, the last day, and we started 4th overall. By now about half the field had either crashed out or broken down but the top half dozen guys were all ready for the sprint to the finish. Some bad luck by Third Place and we inherited the spot. And then on a speed stage the leader spun out and crashed into a ditch. Second Place was ours! There were still 250 miles and several speed stages to go. The noises from the engine and the car became worse - in my mind anyway - the reality was the car was running just fine. We closed a bit on the leader, an ex-Formula One driver showing us amateurs how it is done, but not close enough.

    And ended up Second – El Segundo! We took it - gladly!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


October 2014

Dear Friends:

Catalog 23   As you may know we have spent some time getting our new Catalog 23 ready. It has just been mailed and you will be receiving yours soon if you already do not have it. It is chock-full of new stuff and we are "cautiously optimistic", as they say, you will approve!

   If it is October it must mean Carrera Panamericana time! Read somewhere a long time ago one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. So here we are back at it, challenging 2000 miles of Mexico's curviest roads for the 25th or 26th time since 1987. Madness...

La Carrera Panamericana   One would think I'd get over the madness. After all I've won the event, placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc., and crashed out and ended up in a hospital, so what else is there to prove? Nothing to prove, but the excitement of racing in a country that truly appreciates motor racing, plus seeing many, many old friends from years past.

These are rewards enough.

   Come Friday, October 17, Angelica and I will be at the starting line in Veracruz, ready to blast off for a week of who-knows-what, and hoping to end up seven days later in Durango in First Place.

    Stay tuned. Our website will have updates.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


September 2014 Update

Dear Friends:

Spencer Pigot   As you know from our previous announcement, the Pro Mazda Series ended with an incredible come-from-behind finish and was won by Spencer Pigot, the young driver that we proudly sponsor. The race aired on NBC Sports on a program titled "The Road to Indy" and had extensive coverage on Spencer's journey up to the final race in Sonoma and ended with the spectacular finish. Spencer remains cool and collected with the maturity and focus of a true champion after winning the prize money and moving on to Indy Lights.

   Here's a look (click on the image to the right) at the action from inside the cockpit with some highlights from Spencer's on-board camera. Spencer created and edited the video to give us a first-hand account of the intensity. Please enjoy!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


September 2014

Dear Friends:

   Groan... Labor Day marks the official end of summer so back to work we all go. No more R&R at the beach or the lake or the mountains.

Spencer Pigot   A few things:

   • Though Tuesday September 2 marks the due date for entries into the 29th annual Doug Mockett & Company Design Competition, we know there are always a few great entries lurking in your minds, so we always offer a little grace period. Please send asap!

   • It is with great pleasure I pass on that the young driver we sponsor, Spencer Pigot, has won the Pro Mazda Series in an incredible, come-from-behind drive in the last race of the series. Unbelievable. Not sure when it will be on TV but as soon as I know I'll let you know.

    • Catalog 23 is at the printer (really!) as we speak and will be mailed mid-September. It is 300 pages of fabulous furniture components and designs. I think you will like it.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


August 2014

Dear Friends:

After about two years, countless revisions, innumerable meetings, hundreds of discussions, late nights and weekends, revisions, rewrites, product developments, go-no go decisions, more rewrites and more revisions, and many, many photography sessions, I am very pleased to tell you our all new 2015 Catalog 23 is at the printer!

Yours will be "in the mail" (like the check!) in September.

Trust me, it has been a lot of work. But we think you’ll agree it is all worth it.

Catalog 23Everybody here pitched in proofreading and commenting, but a special thanks must go to our art director whose vision this is: Andrea León Grossmann. Here’s her cover ➜

We are extremely proud of our existing product line and the innovations we are bringing to market. New products, and updating old ones, is a challenge, a headache, and among the most rewarding aspects of our work. It is equally frustrating and exhilarating.

Some new products (usually mine) are brilliant and we cannot give them away. Others seen as prosaic or ho hum fly out the door. Go figure. At the end of the day my theory is to introduce the new idea/design and let you decide. Your judgment is the best.

Please let me know what you think of Catalog 23 at Call/email us with your comments and observations, positive and not-so-positive.

Enjoy August and the rest of the Summer.

Best Regards,
Douglas A. J. Mockett


July 2014

Dear Friends:

Whew. Hard to believe we've just come off our own version of a World Cup fútbol match - three trade shows in three weeks! Yes, we're all exhausted but also very exhilarated. Exhausted from the 9-5 standing for days in a row (and then partying down until all hours!), but exhilarated from all the nice compliments from existing clients as well as from new people who looked and said "Wow! What great stuff!"

First was NEOCON in Chicago where our 140 foot long booth made quite an impression. The next week was InfoComm in Las Vegas, a new show for us and where we were very well received. And then last week was the exciting AIA show in Chicago. But we made it and we're all still standing.

Spencer PigotMany thanks to all of you who stopped by to see our new products and say "hi". We appreciate it.

Catalog update. Just a few last entries and edits and off to the printer it goes mid-July and will be mailed on the Tuesday right after Labor Day, September 2. It is going to be 300+ pages of knock-your-socks-off great furniture components and accessories! We think you'll like it.

Here's a great shot of Spencer Pigot standing on his car, arms raised in the traditional victory salute, after winning the Mazda Pro Series event last Sunday in Houston where they raced with the IndyCar Series. With the win Spencer also lengthened his points lead in the Championship. Where does the time go? It is already Fourth of July weekend. All my best wishes to you and yours for a fun weekend celebrating a great national holiday.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


May 2014

Dear Friends-

NeoCon Tradeshow Booth in Mockett Parking LotLike a lot of things it seemed like a good idea at the time. Why not make a big splash at our biggest trade show, NEOCON in Chicago, and take a bigger space? A little voice said "take a BIG space"... so we did. What were we thinking?

Here is a photo of our booth being mocked up in our parking lot. What you don't see is the last 20 feet. That's because the parking lot wasn't long enough. The other end is in another zip code. But we will have a lot more of our fabulous architectural hardware on display, something we've always wanted to do. And being in the direct marketing biz it offers us a fine opportunity to display a wider range. It will be good, please stop by. We've moved our display booth to the 7th floor.

54 OldsLast month we raced our 1954 Olds in the Chihuahua Express rally in Mexico, the event in which we were defending champions. We won qualifying! We won Day 3! We were second Day 2! And - big groan - broke down on Day 1 when a wire broke off the alternator, ending any chance of an overall win. But "that's racing" as they say... so we look forward to October's Carrera Panamericana. We're gonna win it!

I hope all is well.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


April 2014

Dear Friends-

April is here, Spring has Sprung (well, in most places anyway), and the racing season gets underway now!

54 OldsThis weekend we'll be in Chihuahua, Mexico, defending our First Place finish last year in the Chihuahua Express rally that goes 1100 miles over three days in and around that northern Mexico city. It is always great to be back in Mexico racing the 1954 Olds "Olds in name Only", our highly modified Super 88 with a 650hp detuned (down from 830!) NASCAR engine.

Where else can you drive flat out and have the cops wave and cheer you on? Nowhere ... that is why it is so special. Plus the Mexican people are lovely and so friendly and the scenery absolutely breathtaking.

Last year we were behind going into Day Three, and not only made up a serious deficit of time, about a minute 30 seconds, but pulled off the win by 17 seconds! It was quite a thrill. The guy we beat and us have a serious side bet this year involving an expensive bottle of champagne. And we're not planning to buy ...

Please check our Facebook page as there will be constant updates there, as well as, the official site. We've already posted a lot there as well as the in-car camera video of our test a few weeks ago at the local race track.

Business seems to be pretty good for us, and I hope it is for you.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


March 2014

Dear Friends-

Spencer PigotAs you may know, over the years Doug Mockett & Company has supported up and coming young race car drivers. Last year and this we are helping 20 year old Spencer Pigot in his quest to make it to the Indy 500. He is driving in an Indy support series called ProMazda. The series kicks off end of this month along with IndyCars in Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL.

To get the drivers and teams warmed up for the year the ProMazda Winter Series has just been held. I am pleased to say Spencer won it going away with two wins and two second place finishes in the four race series. Hopefully that will carry throughout the season. Go Spencer!

Doug & MoochJanuary 24 was a sad day, as our loyal Golden Retriever Mooch passed away. He was 13 and led a full life. Truly the essence of a "good dog". Normally I wouldn't mention such a personal matter but as we featured Mooch in the catalog and occasionally in the E-News, thought I would pass the news on.

We'll wait a while before another dog, and when we do, it will likely be a rescue dog as were Izzy and Charlie we got through the Golden Retriever Rescue Society (GRRS ... get it!) here in LA. Over a month later and we sure do miss him.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


February 2014

Dear Friends:

   Welcome to 2014! Looks like it is going to be a pretty good year from all we've read and experienced. So we're - "cautiously optimistic" -- as they say. 2013 ended up pretty well, and seemed a pretty good year all over, in talking to our clients.

1 millionth order   Unbelievable - at some point in 2013 we shipped our one millionth order! And I thank you - all of you - for making it happen. We answered about 100,000 telephone calls and some 90,000+ emails/internet inquiries. And added over 300 SKU's from 60 new products. And have on the books another 250 SKU's and 50 products that will be live and available by mid-year. And that's just the beginning! Stay tuned...

   You can't make this stuff up. Here I was the other night driving home in our new Toyota RAV4-EV total electric car. I am being "green" and, nose in the air, quite smug about it. Ridin' high! And "green"! Using no fossil fuels! No smog from me!

   Drivin' along and get closer to the big - really big - SUV ahead. As I get closer I can read the SUV's license plate. It is a California custom license plate that says - EETS GAS. Seriously ... EETS GAS... so much for being green!

   As I say, you cannot make this stuff up. No one would believe it.

   Best for 2014.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


January 2014

Dear Friends:

   All of us here wish all of you there the very Happiest of New Years. May 2014 be a good one for you and yours.3-d printer

   It was cool, we thought, last Summer when we got our first 3-D printer that printed up to 6" x 6" x 6"! Actually makes a 3-D model of the drawing you scanned into it. Unreal to see it in action ...

   About the same time we somehow got in on the ground floor of a start-up company that proposed creating a 3-D printer that would produce parts 24" x 24" x 24". Yes - 2' x 2' x 2' - huge! Last month the behemoth arrived. It works great for prototypes, no more waiting weeks for SLA models, and could well be used in the future for limited production runs of custom parts. We're excited!

   With humility we remember our late, fabulous friend and fellow employee, Hector Tovar. He departed 9/10/2000, at age 37. We annually award a trophy to an employee who best represents his fine qualities. At our Christmas lunch I am pleased to tell you we honored our long-time CFO Jean Rowe and Quality Control Inspector Elena Castañeda.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


December 2013

Dear Friends:

Mockett Christmas Tree   Where has 2013 gone? Far too quickly, that is for sure...

   Each Holiday season our employees design and decorate a tree for the "Festival of Trees" at Torrance Memorial Medical Center. The Festival is a hospital fundraiser and after being on display to the public for a week, the trees are auctioned off. To us, and much more importantly, it keeps alive the memory of Sue Carr, a vivacious employee who introduced us to the Festival, and who passed away in 2008 before she could lead us to create our first tree.

   This year we elected to design the tree around characters from Dr. Seuss. Enjoy! And thanks to Jessika, Amanda, Cookie, Sylvia, Nakeisha, Emilio, Norma and Jose who all helped.

   December 31 marks the end of our sale which benefits The Richstone Family Center. All proceeds from your purchases go to Richstone, not just the "net amount". Last Chance is 12/31. Go to

   Monday, December 2 marked our 1,000,000th order since installing our new computer software. We don't recall exactly when that was, but more than a few years!

   Early in 2014 we are excited to take delivery of our new all electric Toyota RAV4-EV, and went to the DMV to order custom license plates. Here are some of our other company license plates.

Transit Van Element

New License Plate
   As we started with wire access grommets it seemed appropriate to keep that theme going. And as we are the largest maker and seller of Power and Communications Grommets (PCS Series) it seemed a good idea to have PWR GROM.

   Early in 2014 we are excited to take delivery of our new all electric Toyota RAV4-EV, and went to the DMV to order custom license plates. Here are some of our other company license plates.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


November 2013

Dear Friends:

   So here it is the beginning of November and we've just finished the 26th Carrera Panamericana, an annual 2000+ mile blast racing the length of Mexico. It went from one disaster to another, absolutely the most frustrating race I've ever, ever done. Only things we didn't do were blow the engine or crash! How about this list: No brakes at speed (twice), tire blowouts/failure at speed (three times), broken frame (twice), alternator failure. But the topper was just 100 yards from the finish line and the gearshift lever broke off in my hand! Unbelievable... you can't make this stuff up!

   We're taking delivery of the company's newest run-around-town vehicle, a 2014 Toyota RAV4EV, a small SUV. Yes, a 100% electric car!

   In October we're chewing up the atmosphere, burning rubber, spewing hydrocarbons right and left at 5 miles-to-the-gallon, and in November we're "green". Go figure.

   But hey - we're in L.A. where you can do nutty things like that.

   Our trusty Honda Element has nearly 100,000 miles on it and will be put out to pasture. The RAV4EV will take its place - running to the post office, making local deliveries and pickups, and similar trips. It will go 100 miles on a charge - enough for our daily errands -- and we'll plug it in nightly for a battery recharge.

   Will electric cars replace our gas-guzzlers? No idea, but it seems to be a step in the right direction. Specially built electric race cars have been running the Pikes Peak Hill Climb for a few years now and doing quite well.

   BTW starting in 2015 will be "Formula E", a racing series for open wheel, single seat electric cars. Should be fascinating. We'll keep you updated.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


La Carrera Panamericana 2013 Update

Dear Friends:

Team Mockett Logo 2013    Today is Day 6 and we are stalled on the side of the road outside Guanajuato. Electrical issues. Never even made it to the start of the first stage.

   Event started well with us qualifying 4th out of 85 or so cars. All downhill from there!

   Day One we broke a brake line and ran am without brakes. Fixed at lunch then failed again in afternoon stages! Not fun flying along, go to brake and pedal goes to floor!

   Day Two was rainy so we put on wet weather tires. Then it dried out the tires overheated and we blew one. Pulled over & changed, started next stage and other one blew! We spent a few hours with an Aussie couple also with car problems until someone brought us a tire.

Doug & Angelica in Olds   Day Three was good we ended up 4th, I think.

   Days Four & Five were also good.

   We started today, Day 6, 5th -- still about 75 cars running which is great -- and drove out of Guanajuato for start of first stage ... When it happened.

   Long story short car just stopped dead ... Just like that! An electrical issue ...

   So we are waiting by side of road for Oscar & mechanics ... Groan!

   Mother said there would be days like this!

   We could not do this event without Oscar's leadership and team management. He does a brilliant & thorough job, for which we are very thankful.

   So -- more drama to come -- I'm sure of that!

   Thanks to all ...

Douglas A. J. Mockett


La Carrera Panamericana 2013

Dear Friends:

Team Mockett Logo 2013   Hard to believe ... but Friday the 25th of October marks the 25th anniversary of La Carrera Panamericana, and also the start of the 2013 edition, in the Gulf of Mexico port town of Veracruz. Seven days and some 2400 miles of racing and partying through Mexico before (hopefully) ending up in the wonderful Spanish Colonial city of Zacatecas.

   And also hard to believe, but I will be making my 21st start in the Carrera! 20 of the 21 starts have been in "Olds in Name Only", the 630hp, 175mph 1954 Olds that has been modified a bit. Just a little bit!

   In those 21 starts we have finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, lesser rankings, crashed out and trashed the car - but always come back for more.

   We will be constantly updating our progress, so please stay tuned ...

Oldsmobile Oldsmobile Trailer Oldsmobile Ready to GO!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


October 2013

Dear Friends:

   Twice in the past few weeks friends of Rita's have had their purses ripped off while eating out at local restaurants. Had the restaurants had our HK20 purse hook the sad outcomes may well have been different.

   In the first one a lady was dining with friends, her purse slung over the back of her chair. Who hasn't done this? When she turned to get it to leave - gone! Later a review of the security camera recording showed a middle-aged woman just casually brushing by and subtly lifting it on her way out.HK20 In Use

   The second one was a little more cheeky. This lady was in a booth, seated on the outside edge of it, with her purse on the floor, down by her feet. Security cameras showed a middle-aged guy coming by, dropping his jacket, saying "Whoops!", then bending down to pick up the jacket, scooping up the purse as well, and keeping on going right out the door!

   How brazen are these? Cheeky indeed!

   Please give some serious thought to including our HK20 in any project you may be doing. A little too late for these folks, but could be cheap insurance for the future and good policy for all restaurants and all public spaces.

   October means the week-long, 2400 mile La Carrera Panamericana race in Mexico! Having won the Chihuahua Express 3-day rally back in April we have our sights set on another 2013 win! As usual we'll keep you updated on our progress.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


September 2013

Dear Friends:

   Labor Day weekend just past marks the traditional end of Summer and the beginning of Fall.

   And what a Fall it promises to be!

   Our 2014 catalog is coming along and will (should!) be mailed to you in January. We think you'll love it...

   We have so many new designs and new products that one E-News a month is just not enough. So we are expanding to two E-News monthly. The usual beginning-of-the-month version will be the same as this one. The midmonth version will be abbreviated, just a few new products and brief descriptions. We honor your time and do not want to become pests bombarding with trash so hope this will be okay. Let me know if it will be intrusive.
   So a few weeks ago I drove home from work, walked in the door, and Rita said, "Where's Mooch? You didn't forget Mooch did you?" Indeed I had. "You left Mooch at work?" Uhhh... So we drove back to get him, walked in the door and there he was, laying there and giving me the biggest stink eye you've ever seen. Not this man's BFF at that time. But a milk bone, a pat on the head, and we were BFF's once again.

   See what happens when you have too much on your mind?

Douglas A. J. Mockett


August 2013

Dear Friends:

Happy August. Our Adley Diaz sent me this last week and I'd like to share:

Hummingbird "As one of our employees was leaving for the day, she spotted something in the skylight of the warehouse. WM6 wire manager. A closer look revealed it was a little hummingbird fluttering around trying to escape. She notified other employees. One of them came up with the makeshift contraption to help save the bird. Creatively, the amazing lifesaving contraption was built by taping a box to the end of a 12ft.Hummingbird With the assistance of a forklift, another employee was able to lift himself to the max height the forklift can go and tried to coerce the hummingbird into the box. It didn't take long to get the tuckered little bird into the box. It must have been tired because the box was open and could have easily flown out, but instead, gave in and was brought down to safety. The rescue team took the bird outside, placed it on the hood of a car where it closed its eyes and took a moment to rest. One little push and it took flight towards a flowering tree nearby."

Douglas A. J. Mockett


June 2013

Dear Friends:
   Last month on Saturday, May 11, about 40 of our colleagues met and walked around USC and the Los Angeles Coliseum area with 50,000 others in the annual "REVLON Run/Walk for Women", a fundraiser to support women's cancers research. Many, many thanks to all our extended family of clients and suppliers who donated to the cause. We appreciate it very much.

   As you get this June issue of our monthly E-News we will be hard and fast into Neo-Con, the country's major contract and office furnishings trade show in Chicago. If you're nearby it is in the Merchandise Mart and we're on the 8th floor. Please come by and say "hi".

   Looking back on the shows we've done in 2013, maybe I'm the ultimate optimist, but things seem to have gone well. Very well actually, with lots more people than we expected stopping by, all seemed to like our new offerings, and most seemed quite upbeat over 2013 and some even felt good about 2014. So - maybe the start of something good!

   Check out our website and go to "new products" for the latest. We are introducing some truly innovative concepts!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


May 2013

Dear Friends:

   In the nearly 35 years I've been designing and marketing furniture components, I cannot remember a time when we had more new and - truly excitingly new - products in development.

   There are drawer pulls, and of course new Power and Communications Grommets, our first Floor Power Grommet, exciting Furniture Legs, and on and on... innovative designs and functional solutions you'll not find elsewhere. Without blowing our own horn too hard, we are truly the leader in furniture components innovation. idea

   Where others pull back in tough times we take up the challenge and see the glass half full. In my mind slow times are times of exceptional opportunity. After all, I started this biz in a recession - I didn't know any better, to be honest - so we just keep plowing ahead.

   Making life much easier in design and prototyping is our new 3-D printer. Just scan in the design and - BOOM! - in a few hours you have a full size model of the exact design. It is w-a-a-a-a-y too cool! Not only does it save time but also takes much of the guesswork out; no more making a mold or tool and have to modify it after the first articles come along. No more "uh-oh" moments.

   Many of our new products and designs, some ready for you, some still in development, will be on display at our major trade show, NEOCON in Chicago. It is from June 10-12 at the Merchandise Mart. It would be my pleasure to personally show you our new concepts.

All the best,
Douglas A. J. Mockett


Chihuahua Express Win!!!

Team Mockett comes from behind to win Chihuahua Express!

Chihuahua Express

Doug Mockett & Angelica Fuentes came from behind to take the win in the 3-day rally that runs in and around the area of Chihuahua in northern Mexico.

The pair qualified first and at the end of the first 350 mile day incorporating 10 speed stages, had a 13 second lead over second place, a modern BMW driven by Mexican Eduardo Henkel, last Year's winner.

Team Mockett drove their trusty 1954 Oldsmobile. The pair is in their 7th year of competing together. Doug Mockett is a long time competitor in Mexican rallies, Fuentes is a top navigator.

The second day was quite different by the end. In the tight twisty roads going 400 miles up to the Copper Canyon the BMW proved superior and Henkel erased the Team Mockett lead and was ahead by one minute and 16 seconds.

Chihuahua Express

The third 300 mile day took in the scenic vistas of the desert north of Chihuahua, to the Rio Grande border town of Ojinaga.

Team Mockett took all four stages heading to Ojinaga, and almost eliminated Henkel's lead, reduced to 6 seconds with 4 stages to go returning to Chihuahua. Henkel was well aware also of the pressure and stepped up his game on the return race.

But Team Mockett was not to be denied, took 3 of the 4 stages back to town, and triumphed overall by 19 seconds!

'The pressure was on but we were up to it', said Doug Mockett, ' I knew we had a good car and the confidence to pull off the upset. We had to focus, drive hard and fast, but not put a wheel wrong, and it could come our way. And it did'.

Chihuahua Express Trophy

Team Mockett becomes the first team to win Chihuahua twice, triumphing also in the first event held in 2007.


April 2013

Dear Friends:

This winter just doesn't want to fade away does it? One day in the Midwest and East it is 70 and sunny, next day 12" of snow! What gives? But it is now April and I guarantee it, Spring will arrive. Soon. Maybe ...

Revlon Run/WalkNext month on May 11 we will meet early at work, take a chartered bus, and proudly walk with 50,000 others at the Revlon Run/Walk for Women, marching through the USC campus before ending up inside the gigantic LA Coliseum. It is exciting and invigorating. The Revlon Walk/ Run raises money for research into women's cancers. We all know at least one lady who has had cancer, in fact several here at our own business ... the disease is insidious, stubborn and the greatest health challenge of the past half century. Care to join us? We hope you can; please call Tyra at (310) 533-6338. We would appreciate any donation you wish to make; just go to our Team Mockett page and one click will take you to the link. Many, many thanks!

April 19-21 kicks off our racing season with a three-day rally event in/around Chihuahua, Mexico. The dreaded Olds has had a winter tuneup, and Angelica and I are ready to go. We seem to have a great media and press following in Mexico. CYMISA, our Mexican distributor, shows ever-increasing sales of our products, which we take as a good sign of the value of race sponsorship!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


March 2013

Dear Friends:

CJ Wilson and BillyWe had a VERY special guest last month and we're extremely excited to share! CJ Wilson of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim was kind enough to join us for lunch and share some of his experiences and give us an inside look at the life of a professional athlete. The Angels signed the star pitcher to a five year deal in 2011, bringing the CA native back home after a six year run with the Texas Rangers (that included a World Series appearance).

He was a very gracious guest, taking the time to take photos and sign autographs. He met with everyone individually and then took control of the room, telling us about his journey in the major leagues while seamlessly working in some motivational tips about healthy living. He was extremely charismatic and his enthusiastic outlook on life was very inspiring to us all. With the Angels being so close to home, many of us here are already Angels fans as it is, so it was an extra special treat. The rest of us… well, the Dodger fans were able to bite their tongues and still enjoy the experience.

CJ is also an avid racing enthusiast. In fact, young racing sensation Spencer Pigot, who is sponsored by Mockett, also caught the eye of CJ who is now actively involved with Spencer's race team. So, we expect we may be seeing more of CJ in the future. In the meantime, Team Mockett will be rooting for the hometown hero. Go Angels! Thank you again, CJ.

Douglas A. J. Mockett


February 2013

Dear Friends:

Martin Luther King Day is very special for us. We mark it with a day of service to others. One year we helped the victims of the Haiti earthquake and assisted an abused women's shelter. Another year we assembled 30 care packages filled with personal hygiene items for the homeless in downtown LA. Donations of clothing were given to a Church in Carson.

Richstone Family Center LogoThe past year we have adopted the Richstone Family Center as a "company" charity. Richstone helps abused children and dysfunctional families and has been a dynamic presence in Los Angeles. Check out their website, Pretty impressive. And like all charities, run on a thin, thin thread of a budget and many very dedicated staffers and volunteers. Amazing what they can do with so little.

As you may know we are donating the proceeds of our sale items to Richstone! You can help by going to Order big!

MLK Day we assembled bags of school supplies for their kids, such as pencils, pens, notebooks - we did 72 of them.

Over the past year we have collected clothing for donation as well, and we packed over 10 huge bags of clothes. Richstone may use some or all, and donate further on the remainder.

Many thanks to all our employees who helped out - you made it a Very Good Day!

Douglas A. J. Mockett


January 2013

Dear Friends:

At our annual Christmas lunch we present the Hector Tovar award – given in honor of Hector who died far too young in 2000 – to the employee(s) best exemplifying Hector's endearing qualities of hard work, leadership, friendship, and personality. The nominees are chosen by all employees, not by management.

This year two outstanding people were selected: Adley Diaz and Melissa Punch.

Adley has been with us nine years and handles returns and quality control. She is always cheerful and helpful and exemplifies Hector's leadership qualities.

Melissa, a 12 year veteran, works in purchasing and is the 'go to' person for all technical aspects of our PCS line. She has unmatched knowledge of the new waves sweeping over all details of power and data. Congratulations to both. You join an elite few.

Christmas TreeIt's back! Last year we wrote about a wild Christmas tree in a woodsy area far from any 110 volt outlets – decorated and all lit up. Drove by a few weeks ago and there it was this year, all dressed up, only now bigger. No idea who does it, but thanks ...

Douglas A. J. Mockett


December 2012

Mockett Entry for the Festival of TreesDear Friends -

   All the best for a wonderful Holiday Season to you and yours from all of us here at Doug Mockett & Company. And we wish you a fabulous 2013.

   Every November we decorate a Christmas tree for the "Festival of Trees" at our local Torrance Memorial Hospital. It's a fundraiser for the hospital as well as our way of keeping alive the memory of Sue Carr. Sue was a vivacious employee who introduced us to the Festival but, unfortunately, died in 2008 before she could lead Team Mockett to create its first tree. This year our team decided on Superheroes as its theme and here is how the tree looked. I think you'll agree – pretty good! Even better was that it was sold for $1200, and maybe even better, won the "Best Children's Theme" honors. Thank you Sue … and thanks to all our employees who devoted many hours to this exciting project.

   Merry and Happy …

Douglas A. J. Mockett

Hurricane Sandy

November 1, 2012

Dear Friend:

    We extend our warmest condolences to all of our customers, business partners, and friends who have suffered from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. We truly hope that if you were in one of the affected areas that you were able to escape any damage and that all is well with you, your family, and your business.

    If not, we are here to help you in any way we can. I realize California is a long way from the East Coast area, but the reality is it is not that far - overnight FEDEX gets there the next morning.

    In response to hurricane Katrina that devastated Louisiana and Mississippi we offered relaxed credit terms, rush shipment on parts, and essentially whatever made sense on a case-by-case basis to support our affected clients.

    We are here again to do the same following this devastating national calamity. We are here for you. After all, at the end of the day we are all in this together.

Douglas A. J. Mockett

La Carrera Panamericana 2012 Update

Dear Friends -

More to come but we finally got car working properly and were first on the two last days.

Alas it was not enough to overcome eventual winner Gabriel Perez or second place Emilio Velasquez ...

But Angelica Fuentes and I are pleased with a solid third place finish.

Not without drama -- like the starter motor not working in the last day-- etc! But the usual grand challenge -- which is why we do it!

More later,

La Carrera Panamericana 2012

Dear Friends, Team Mockett

Having done this event some 17 or 19 times since 1988, one must wonder why anyone sane would drive 2000 miles the length of Mexico in 7 days, at breakneck speeds at times -- and keep coming back to do it again! A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. 'Nuff said ...

2012 event started in the Gulf of Mexico port town of Veracruz ... We qualified 3rd, out of 100 cars entered, so not all bad. Leaving town on a freeway we came upon a truck that sideswiped a guardrail, flipped and caught fire, then exploded with a lot of liquor bottles on board! We were held up for 30 minutes or so while the mess was extinguished, then headed to the mountains to Oaxaca, an indigenous town famous for arts and crafts and mescal. We left 3rd and arrived 3rd.

As Ernest Hemingway once said, ' there are three sports, mountain climbing, bull flighting, and motor racing. All the rest are just games'.

Unfortunately, there were a few accidents the first day, even more unfortunately one co-driver died, and a spectator motorcycle crashed and the rider expired. Apparently the co-driver's seat belts were not fastened ... Draw your own conclusions.

So a sad end to the first day of a wonderful event.

Day Two was from Oaxaca to Puebla with some speed stages through the mountains and two in the gorgeous cactus area  south of Tehuacan. Then a huge party in Tehuacan the whole town and more turn out for an annual celebration. There must be 100,000 people.

Though we won a stage we were still 3rd.

Day three went from Puebla to Queretaro, a lovely Spanish colonial city, and now the center of the Mexican aerospace industry.

Again we won a stage, but were still 3rd overall. The excitement of the day was a very sharp turn on a speed stage -- that may not have been well marked in the route book. One car spun and was partially off the road. The next one came and pushed the first over a cliff about 50 feet and followed it down landing on the roof of the first. Then along came another, which spun off landing in the junk pile , then a fourth, and finally a fifth added to the mess. 

Now to Day 4 and into Morelia, another fabulous Colonial city of churches and art and gardens. Beautiful.

Again we won a stage and are still 3rd overall ...

But we are a long way behind the leaders, two Mexicans, Gabriel  Perez and Emilio Velazquez ... But a good way ahead of fourth place. The event is seven days and we are just now past the halfway point -- so hope springs eternal! Anything can happen ...

More to come as we go along.

It is a pleasure to assist CYMISA, our distributor in Mexico, as they co-sponsor our car.

Stay tuned folks!



October 2012

Dear Friends –

   Well, if it is October, that means just one thing: the Carrera Panamericana! What World Series? Star navigator Angelica Fuentes and amateur driver (me) will be back for our 18th or 19th attempt to win this week-long, 2000 mile drive along the old Pan American Highway from southern to northern Mexico.

   Last year was the ultimate in frustration - after 7 days and 2000 miles of racing with 110 cars, we finished second - FOUR seconds behind First Place! You read right... Four seconds... groan... mezcal came in handy that night at the victory celebration. If you love frustration you'll love motor racing. In 2007 we were way ahead with just a day to go and the clutch literally exploded at 120mph! That ended that as it took too long to replace the clutch. El Segundo (Second) again... but she won in 2006 with another driver and I won in 2002 with another navigator. In 2012 hope springs eternal!

   Carrera starts on Friday 10/19 and as usual we will have daily updates on our website and Facebook and other social media. Stay tuned! We're gonna give 'em heck!

Doug & Rita Smooshing Wedding Cake    I prefer to keep biz and personal life separate but proudly share that on September 8 the delightful Rita Getzelman and I were married. Last week the office had a party for us and thought I'd share a photo of us teenagers smooshing cake in one another's faces! That WAS fun!

Douglas A.J. Mockett


September 2012

Dear Friends –

  With Labor Day weekend just behind us, Summer is officially over. Back to work!

  We've been hard at it developing new products all Summer, an equal ongoing challenge and joy. Every time we launch a new idea we are like proud parents launching their kids. We have done our best and stand aside and see what happens!

  This month is a special delight with the introduction of PCS54WC described below.


  Wireless charging makes it easy to recharge your iPhone and other mobile devices. Just use a sleeve or an adapter and lay either on lid and it charges. Just like that! No more bulky item-specific chargers! It is the wave of the future.

  We have great hopes for PCS54WC and it should lead many more of our PCS Series being modified to accept wireless charging.

Annual Design Competition Logo  Our 27th Annual Design Competition 'officially' closed Tuesday after Labor Day. But, as the judges do not meet until December, if you 'just haven't gotten around to it', we'll keep an eye open for your entry in the next few weeks.

Douglas A.J. Mockett

August 2012

Dear Friends –

PCS54WCMore about it next month in September E-News, but we are very excited to announce a great leap forward in Power and Communications Grommets. We will be offering our PCS54 unit with a wireless charging device built into the lid! They look like narrow stripes on the lid; you just place your phone on it (adapters provided) and - Shazam! - that's all there is to it. Your iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, etc., charges. Adds virtually nothing to the thickness of the lid.

So now you can use the internal electrical and data, close the lid, and charge your own devices on top. No more fumbling under the desk to plug in your phone and charge! Now, charging comes to your fingertips. As it should.

Available next month.

When we get an order from a new customer we always ask, "Where did you hear about us?" And got a great reply last week. "Can't remember, just know that you rock it at Mockett". We thank him for the kind words.

Happy August ... enjoy a little R&R.

Douglas A.J. Mockett

July 2012

Hello Friends –

Last month we exhibited at the NEOCON show in Chicago and were very pleased by the response and the attendees. We displayed the new power and communications grommet we are calling EDP/2.0 for the moment. It received rave reviews as did the award-winning Lily Pad. Levity® was a task lamp of great interest that now is in production. The new casters and new trash liner colors were a big hit. All were well received. A good show!

Pikes Peak Hill Climb
As Angelica and I were getting ready to go to Colorado we received news that the event has been postponed due to the epic conditions and safety concerns related to the massive Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs. Our hearts go out to those who are affected and we hope the fires will be completely out soon.

Call for Entries
Design Competition Ribbon LogoSince 1985 we have annually awarded anywhere from one to four First Place awards, prizes for outstanding component designs we think would make a very acceptable product to the marketplace. Each First Place receives $1000 plus an engraved trophy and a royalty. It's a pretty sweet deal ...

Entries close the Tuesday after Labor Day, September 4. To enter send your design or drawing or model FedEx or Register Return Receipt mail to Contest Administrator, Doug Mockett & Company, P.O. Box 3333, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, or via email to Street address for FedEx is 1915 Abalone Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501. For further information call Contest Administrator at (310) 318-2491.

Have a great July and the rest of the Summer.

Douglas A.J. Mockett

June 2012

Dear Friends:

June 11-13 marks the office furniture industry's biggest trade show, NEOCON, at Chicago's Merchandise Mart. We will be there in our usual spot on the 8th floor with a larger booth featuring many more new and innovative products and accessories. Please do stop by, 9 to 5 daily. It must be a big deal, they even trot me out for a Meet and Greet ...

EIF/Revlon Run WalkAt the beginning of May our company marched proudly in the EIF/Revlon Walk for Women's Cancers, an annual 5km walk with 50,000 participants ending up inside the gigantic LA Coliseum. This year we did so in support and memory of our extended Mockett family who have been affected by this disease. It is a fundraiser and we have raised almost $4000. You can help - donations will be accepted until June 15. Just call Tyra at 800-523-1269 or email for details.

IzzyBack in November 2009, I rescued a lively and lovable Golden Retriever we called Izzy. He was full of energy with a wonderful zest for life.
Izzy was a troublemaker. He loved to chew white paper and at the office everyone's wastebasket was fair game. The senior dog Mooch got a little tired of being beaten up daily by the upstart. Yet you couldn't help but love Izzy.
Unfortunately, early in 2012 Izzy somehow developed a tumor, and it grew and became a fatal tumor. He died at the end of April I am sorry to say. I guess the good news is we gave him another 2 1/2 years of life - and he took full advantage!

Douglas A.J. Mockett


May 2012

Dear Friends:

Mockett Showroom Grand Opening!We are celebrating the Grand Opening of our brand new showroom with two open house parties on May 2nd and May 3rd. While we have maintained a strong presence at various trade shows throughout the country for many years, we have never had a model room to call our own, until now. Our doors are always open for you to view any parts at any time on demand, and now our outstanding showroom offers a snapshot of our whole line with a simple walkthrough. After the grand opening event, the showroom will remain open and will be continually updated with new parts.

In case you missed something… the entire showroom floor, just like every trade show booth, will soon be available for viewing online in our interactive product feature. If you saw something while visiting our showroom and just can't remember what the part number was, or if you aren't able to attend but would like to get a closer look at our display models, simply browse and click on any of the products for more information.

Don't forget, it's not too late to donate to help fight women's cancers and help support Team Mockett! On May 12, we will be lacing up our sneakers and participating in the annual 5K Revlon Run/Walk in Los Angeles. We still need your help in reaching our goal, so please help us in supporting a great cause!

Douglas A.J. Mockett


April 2012

Dear Friends:

Cancer! No other word strikes fear like the word "cancer". We all know friends and loved ones who have been stricken by this awful disease, perhaps even struck down by it. It has the same dreaded sound as the word "polio" did in the 1940's and 1950's. Then along came Dr. Jonas Salk and the Salk vaccine in 1954 and shortly thereafter polio in the developed world became a thing of the past. Virtually overnight.

Revlon Run/Walk LogoWe're not there yet with cancer despite the heroic efforts of researchers and experimenters. It is one stubborn affliction! And that gives us even greater determination.

Every year we support the Revlon Run/Walk for Women, this year on May 12. It is a fundraiser for women's cancers research, a walk or run of 5km around the University of Southern California and LA Coliseum neighborhoods. We end up inside the Coliseum along with 50,000 others. It is very energizing!

We would appreciate your help. Please visit our Team Mockett page and donate what you can.

Thank you …

Last month I used a cartoon some took offense at. I saw the cartoon as "funny"; others saw it as "political". A few people sent me angry emails. Re-reading the cartoon I can see the point. If you also were offended, but did not write, just cursed me quietly, to you I also apologize. We
are here to sell you The Best furniture components,
not ruffle you up. Lesson learned!

Douglas A.J. Mockett


March 2012

Dear Friends:

We get mail!


Dear Mr. Mockett:

On January 20, 2012 the staff at your company did something quite extraordinary - they put an employee on a commercial flight to hand deliver a small order to me because it was the only way it would arrive the same day. Perhaps it was authorized by you but either way - never in my 32-year career have I been more impressed or more shocked at the extent of the action your company took in the name of excellent customer service. Never mind that the order I placed was boggled several times over - unintentionally I am certain - however, the way Ms. Tyra Cunningham handled herself and apologized profusely when I told her I cancelled an install with an important client once over the missed shipment and I did not wish to cancel it again ... those feelings of frustration disappeared when she took control of the situation.

Most incredible is the fact that although I've specified Doug Mockett products over the years, I have placed very little in the way of orders. The over-the-top way your people resolved a problem made it seem like I was a million dollar-per-year customer. This was nothing short of sensational. I hope you know that from now on I'll be a 'Mockett For Lifer' and would be more than happy to speak to your potential customers, the media or whomever on behalf of your company's value system.

Please accept my apology for not writing sooner. A sudden death in my family took me off-line for a little while.

With Considerable Admiration,
Block to cover up identity of writer


Douglas A.J. Mockett


February 2012

Dear Friends:

Martin Luther King Day is very special for us. We mark it with a day of service to others. One year we helped the victims of the Haiti earthquake and assisted an abused women's shelter. Another year we assembled 30 care packages filled with personal hygiene items for the homeless in downtown LA and the donations of clothing were given to a Church in Carson.

Mockett serves a warm meal.


This year we more than tripled our efforts to help the homeless as well as school children in Chiapas, the southernmost and poorest state in Mexico.

We assembled 100 care packages for the homeless, filled with personal hygiene items.

A bunch of us gathered at 5:30am the following Saturday morning and passed out chicken, rice, bread and other foodstuffs, along with the care packages to the homeless in downtown LA.

Since the Carrera Panamericana often starts in the capitol of Chiapas we have come to know some of the charities there, especially a fine one run by Jorge Alejandro Morales Ramos. We bought them a refrigerator a few years ago and the E-News of November 2008 showed Oscar delivering it, falling off the truck into the mud! For these kids we put together 100 messenger bags of school supplies such as pencils, pens, note pads, etc. Plus, thanks to your donations, we collected more than 10 big boxes of clothing, shoes and toys for the Chiapas kids.

Many thanks to all ... it was a Good Day!

Douglas AJ Mockett


January 2012

Dear Friends:

Now and then I see a bumper sticker that says something about doing random acts of kindness.

On the way to work I drive by a golf course surrounded by woods. It's pretty rural and sparse - for LA. Never really noticed it but there is a Christmas tree growing there along the road.

Planted? Castoff and took root? Who knows... or gives it a thought?

A few years ago I drove by it at night, just around Christmas. And it was properly decorated and all lit up. Mind you, 1/4 mile from the nearest electricity. How cool was this? And every Christmas since it is decorated and lit up.

Whoever decorates it has a few solar panels that store enough juice to keep the lights lit all night. So I stopped the other day and took this photo.

Who does it? No idea ... Truly a "random act of kindness". And a very nice gesture...

A Happy New Year to you and yours.

Douglas AJ Mockett

Mockett Tree


December 2011

Mockett Tree

Dear Friends:Holly

2011 marked our third year of participation in the 28th annual Festival of Trees sponsored by our local hospital, Torrance Memorial Medical Center. We do it because it is a good cause, but more so in memory of Sue Carr, a wonderful employee who died three years ago. And died far too young. The Tree Festival was a passion of hers and it is with special and very personal pride that we do it. We honor her passion by continuing.

The theme this year was "A Child's Christmas Around the World" and we decorated our tree with depictions of the various ways children around the world celebrate Christmas, with toys and books and dolls and various fanciful figures.

A big thanks to our tree committee, team leader Martha, ably assisted by Mattie, Nakeisha, Cookie, Sylvia, Jessika and Kandee.

The Festival of Trees is a big fund raiser for TMMC. They have big parties and the trees are auctioned off to the highest bidder. We are pleased that our 2011 tree was purchased for $1,250. In three years of participations our trees have raised almost $5000. Thank you, Sue, for the inspiration!

With both pride and apprehension we share with you that our President for many years, Susan Gordon, will be retiring at the end of the year. Susan has been instrumental in building this company with her brilliant leadership, quiet determination, and thoughtful demeanor.

All of us at Doug Mockett & Company wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2012 will be an interesting year!



Douglas AJ Mockett


November 2011


A few weeks ago ace navigator Angelica Fuentes, our trusty 1954 Olds Super 88, and I finished second overall of 112 starters in the world famous Carrera Panamericana, the rally that goes from the south to the north of Mexico.

La Carrera Panamericana 2011 After 7 days, 1800 miles incorporating about 800 miles of speed stages (where the roads are closed and we race against the clock) we were second -- by 4.5 seconds.

To put into perspective, that equates to driving 1800 miles and losing by about 200 feet.

Two Hundred feet!

Can you believe that?

Not sure we have come to grips with it either ... But "that's racing" as we say.

To add insult to injury, some dude came up to me after and said "Hey dude! Do I hear you're 72 years old?" To which I said, "No dude, just 71." The dude couldn't believe a senior citizen could drive like that ... "Besides," I added, "I don't play golf." That put him in a coma.

We'll be back in 2012 ... And more determined than ever. As usual!

Douglas A.J. Mockett

Fight to the Finish! Carrera Panamericana 2011

Hello --

Coming into the last two days of the week long Carrera, we were second overall (of 112 starters), 24 seconds behind the leaders -- same guy who blocked us in Day 2 costing us at least 20-30 seconds. Had he not blocked us we would be tied or slightly ahead.

Through the various speed stages on the Day Six closed off roads we were about even. He maintained his 20+ seconds lead. The last stage of the day was on the .8 mile Aguascalientes NASCAR high banked oval. As I knew nothing about driving ovals I asked former Indy Car driver (and good guy) Michel Jourdain how to drive an oval. He gave some good advice. And we went into Day Six, 24 seconds behind and due to our speed on the oval came out just 9 seconds behind! It all would come down to the Seventh and last day, from Aguascalientes to Zacatecas.

On the various Day Seven stages we battled back and forth, gaining two seconds here, losing four there.

Coming into the last stage of the last day of a 7 day, 1800 mile rally, with just a 10 mile hill climb from the desert flat into Zacatecas via La Bufa separating us from First Place, we were still just 9 seconds apart. The closest Carrera ever and it came down to the two of us, and 10 miles ...

He started first and got a good start. We started 30 seconds later. I blew the shift from 1st to 2nd but recovered, made some great turns heading up the mountain, almost lost it at one point, (with a sheer cliff on the downside, which tends to focus your attention) caught sight of the leader a ways ahead, and just kept foot to floor. 100, 120, as fast as 145 ... Right on the rev limiters ... Over the crest of the mountain and down some very tight and twisty turns to the finish. Car sliding all over, gears crunching, open exhaust roaring from the 630hp Chevy V-8, tires squealing, scenery flashing by ... And all over in a little more than 6 minutes. We got the finish line and there was our nemesis ... groan!

After 7 days, 1800 miles, some 800 miles of speed stages -- he beat us by just 4.5 seconds! Groan again!

Angelica did a fantastic job navigating and never missed a call or a turn -- good thing too! Phil and Oscar did an exhausting job keeping the Olds in top shape -- staying up until 2am one night to change a broken transmission -- and then were on the road at 6am to get ahead of us for the first 11am service some 150 miles down the road.

We proudly wore our Team Mockett hats, as our effort was truly a team effort. Many thanks to all, especially to CYMISA for their support.

And we'll be back for Carrera 2012 aiming for First, as usual.


UPDATE! Carrera Panamericana 2011

Monday, day 3, was a day starting in Queretaro and ending in Morelia. Weather was great as it has been the entire event. We started in first overall and ended the day first overall.

Car did not handle well, the front end has a lot of understeer which means when you turn the steering wheel the front wheels want to go straight, not turn! A spot of bother! Plus the brakes did not work well ...

Add in the speed stages at end of the day included the dreaded Mil Cumbres stages through forests above Morelia with amazingly tight turns and few straights -- a large crowd lined the street, plus some clown had a lifesize Halloween skeleton in one turn -- and there you have it! Anyway we did as best as we could and still were first.

Tuesday we ran Mil Cumbres backwards, leaving Morelia. We did well, winning the first stage and 2 seconds behind on the second. And maybe a few on the third. Not bad with a car that plows.

The afternoon featured some amazingly fast stages heading into Guanajuato. We made some serious suspension changes to the car and it now handled like a dream ... just amazingly different car. The stages were fun.

Guanajuato is fascinating city and we ended up there. Amazing place, I urge you to visit.

But ... End of the day are now in second place by perhaps 5 seconds to our nemesis, the guy who blocked us on day 2 ... But two days to go, the car is handling better and we are confident ...

Stay tuned!

Carrera Panamericana 2011

Hello from Mexico!

Carrera Panamericana 2011 has been a fascinating one ... We've been so busy no time to send updates. But results are on the La Carrera Panamericana website.

Sunday marked the end of Day Three. We left Huatulco Friday and ended up in Oaxaca, Saturday to Puebla, and Sunday to Queretaro. Today we go to Morelia.

54 Olds Super 88

Ace navigator Angelica Fuentes and I qualified 4th of some 110 cars. So a good starting place.

Friday we drove prudently through the heat and humidity of the Pacific Coast before heading to mountains leading to Oaxaca. The first day always has the worst of crashes and mechanical issues and we benefited from others' misfortunes. Michel Jourdain, a former Indy Car driver qualified first, only to blow an engine early on. 2006 winner (with Angelica) Gabriel Perez lost a fan belt ... We ended up second on the day and second overall.

Saturday we left Oaxaca early for stages through mountain villages ... Beautiful countryside ... And later in the day stages outside Tehuacan coming out of the hills and onto the desert floor. And then the most incredible reception in Tehuacan where everyone within 100 miles must show up! (See photo).

We were blocked on two stages by a car that had gearbox problems and failed to yield as we came up to overtake, easy to do on tight and twisty mountain roads -- very unsporting and we are hoping the organizers take some action -- his blocking us for some 4-5 miles caused us to end that stage 21 seconds slower than 2010, so quite frustrating.

Then disaster struck! Leaving a toll booth on transit to Puebla the gearbox got stuck in First gear! But all the speed stages were done, all we had to do was drive 30 miles to the finish line in First! So we did, at 5000 to 6000 rpm, transmission leaving a trail of smoke, engine running at 260 degrees ... The longest 30 miles I can recall! But we did it! And ended up First overall! Our times through the stages were good enough for First, even with the blocking car who refused to let us by. We had a lead of nearly a minute, :58. It would easily have been a minute and a half and we not been blocked.

Oscar and Phil Denney, our mechanic, took out the damaged gearbox and put in another, new one. It took until 2:00am, so big pats on the back to them. They have a more difficult time than we do -- they need leave an hour before us in the morning, usually 7am, then work half the night on the car when we get to the end of the day. Then do it again and again, for seven days!

Sunday was a day of long drives on freeways to get around the giant Mexico City area, and a few speed stages ... What was memorable was driving at top speed and seeing a bunch of horses loitering on the road! We slowed a bit and they nicely moved. But it would not have been much fun hitting a 1000 pound horse at 130 mph! I do not know the results of Sunday but suspect we may still be First. The guy who blocked us, a semiprofessional rally driver, got his gearbox fixed and made a charge from behind and I suspect made up some time on us. Today we have the famous Mil Cumbres speed stages through the mountains above Morelia. These are very tight roads that are terrific stages, requiring 100% concentration and great handling from the car.

Doug's Car Sponsor CYMISA

Doug's Car Sponsor CYMISA

We are sponsored by CYMISA, our distributor in Mexico, and are hopeful it benefits their business.

Stay tuned! The event is seven days so we are not yet halfway. And a lot can happen from here on out, some good, some not so good. Keep fingers crossed only good things happen to Team Mockett!


October 2011

If it is October it must be time for the annual Carrera Panamericana mad dash from the south of Mexico to the north, 2000 miles over 7 days. We're ready to go and we're ready to win, so let's hope it all works out for ace navigator Angelica Fuentes and me, and our 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 we call "Olds in Name Only". As you may know it is highly modified and features a 630hp Chevy V-8. We have a really cool new onboard video camera half the size of a cigar. If we can figure it out we'll upload video so you can see our progress. And our website will have updates daily.
54 Olds Super 88
Ford Transit Connect Van
Time to add another vehicle to the fleet. Analyzing our needs, we needed a small truck to pick up at the plater, at the fabricator, to get the mail, and to run light duty errands around LA. Our Honda Element has been a good choice but a year or so ago when the Ford Transit Connect van came out, it was just a matter of time until we got one. So here it is… perfect for our needs.

The Element has the license "The Grom" and we'll apply for "Grom Man" for the new Ford. Seems fitting as we're well known for wire access grommet products.

Grom Man License Plate

I hope all is well with you and your business. We're still hanging in there… 2012 will be interesting! How much more drama can we take?

Douglas A. J. Mockett

September 2011

Dear Friends:

Summer's over, back to school, and soon comes the cooler Fall and Winter weather. I hope you have enjoyed a good summer 2011. If you've been in the path of bad weather lately it has not been a good summer.

We followed the path of hurricane Irene with some sadness. And have just sent letters to our 1500 clients we calculated were in its path, offering our assistance. If you did not get our letter and we can help, please let us know.

Our summer has been filled with new product development, and it has been very productive. Most of our new product projects are a bit far off, sometime in 2012 likely, but I can mention that we will have a brand new concept in a most versatile and flexible desktop/work surface Power and Data Grommet. It will offer features never before seen. With hype like that it better be good! Plus lotsa other interesting stuff. Good stuff!

Change is inevitable and it is with some sadness I announce that our President, Susan Gordon, will be retiring at the end of 2011. It sounds trite but believe me, she will be missed. Susan joined the company – (Company? Who am I kidding? It was just the two of us!) – in 1984 when we were wedged in the corner of a friend's warehouse. As the business grew she grew with it, and went from earlier careers selling computers and managing an upscale art gallery, to being a brilliant manager and leader. The proof is in the past 28 years – from just the two of us and a few boxes of grommets and wire managers – to 2500 products, 60 employees, 59,000 square feet, and thousands of clients. She has managed the growth and stress and dealing with you-know-who with considerable balance and aplomb.

I owe her a big debt of gratitude for all she has done for Doug Mockett & Company. A BIG debt! We would not be where we are without her brilliance.

Susan Gordon

Douglas A. J. Mockett

PS – Though our Design Contest closed Tuesday, if you hurry we can still accept your entry.

August 2011

Susan's News

I am very flattered that Doug has asked me to pen his column in our August monthly enews and what better to write about than what you know? After more than 27 years with Doug Mockett I've learned a thing or two about the company. Back in 1984 it was just Doug and me in a small corner of a warehouse in Hermosa Beach. We did everything manually, kept track of inventory on cartons of parts, took orders on a yellow legal pad and filled out a UPS manifest by hand.

It's been great fun to see the company grow. We now have close to 60 employees in about 60,000 square feet of warehouse and office space, and multiple departments that keep the operation humming. Our product line has grown from just a handful of parts to over 4,000 SKUs.

We could not have done this without our loyal, long time staff. In fact we have about a dozen or so employees who have been with us for over 20 years, all of them quite young when they came to us. It has been a real joy to see them grow and take on new responsibilities. Children have been born, college degrees awarded and now there are even a few grandchildren in the mix!

Welcome Tree


One of the great things about working for Mockett is our family atmosphere. We are a diverse group and have a great deal of respect and appreciation for one another. We just celebrated our first "Multi-Cultural" luncheon last month - a real testimony to the diversity we enjoy. Spearheaded by May, a long time CSR, we sampled some of the most interesting and tastiest food from different regions of the world. It was a wonderful experience and we are all looking forward to next year's fare.

We're busy gearing up to introduce some exciting new products in the fall, so stay tuned! As always, we welcome your feedback and comments.

Warm Regards,

Susan D. Gordon

July 2011

Hello Friends –

Last month we exhibited at the NEOCON show in Chicago and were very pleasantly surprised by the response and the attendees.

LevityIn a first for us, we launched Levity®, a new and innovative task light with a cocktail party one night. The new product had a warm and really positive response from the media and potential buyers. And all show long we had good comment after good comment. And that was very welcome!

Levity will be available later in 2011 and looks like a true winner. We’ll let you know. In the meantime here’s a photo of Levity. For more information and a short video go to

Two weeks later Angelica and I were once again tackling the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, in our 1954 Olds ("Olds in Name Only"), sponsored by CYMISA, our distributor in Mexico and Central America. This would be our fourth attempt. In the previous three we were Second in class once and First twice. Started off promising with our qualifying run putting us on Pole Position.

Off we went on Sunday morning in front of a zillion spectators and TV helicopter overhead. Later on, reviewing the split times, the first 1/3 we had a half second lead. The middle 1/3 we were almost 6 seconds ahead. But by the end we had fallen back and lost by 10 seconds, which meant we lost 15 or so seconds on the last 1/3 – and that’s all she wrote. No idea what happened, car ran great ...

So now, in four attempts we have been Second twice and First twice. And you can go to the bank, we’ll be back in 2012 for our fifth attempt!

Have a great July and the rest of the Summer.


Douglas A.J. Mockett

June 2011

Dear Friends --

KandeeEarly last month was the annual Revlon Walk to raise funds for women's cancer research. Team Mockett chose to honor Ofelia de Leon, mother of two of our employees, Dede and Paul. Ofelia walked with us last year and then two months later died of breast cancer.

Here is a photo of Kandee carrying a photo of Ofelia. Our team must have made a good impression, as we were on the local ABC news and mentioned in the LA Times, as well as being mentioned by emcee Halle Berry.

June 13 - 15 is the big NEOCON show in Chicago and I urge you to attend, especially on the first day. First of all, we will be introducing a brand new product and we're honored to do so. Secondly, we're doing so at a big Introduction Party at our 8th floor booth at 5pm. Look forward to seeing you there!


Douglas A. J. Mockett

May 2011

Dear Friends:

The Goats Next Door

Here we are in the industrial heartland of Los Angeles. And now - welcome to LA - The Goats Next Door!

I thought one of our employees had lost it when he came and said, "Have you seen the goats next door?" Sure enough, in the dumpy warehouse parking lot next door are two goats, along with a trailer and piles of pallets and junk.

Candidly, I do not know what to say, except "Welcome to LA!" Truly the land of fruits and nuts.

The young driver we're sponsoring this year, 19 year old Conor Daly, was entered in the Long Beach Grand Prix support race series, a step below the IndyCars called Indy Lights. Saturday he qualified a respectable Fourth.

Race day Sunday saw him slot into Third and then Second, and then two laps from the end, he passed for First! It was neat to be there and see him win.

Conor has his sights set on driving in Formula One, is concentrating this year on a Formula One support series called GP3. So he'll be racing all Summer with the Formula One events, and we wish him the best.

Conor Daly


Douglas A. J. Mockett


April 2011

Dear Friends:

Every year our team of gallant "Mocketteers" turns out to walk 5 kilometers around the LA Coliseum in the Revlon Run/Walk for Women fund raiser to support research in women's cancers. You may recall last year our tale of woe with the bus driver from Hell who got lost and then got a ticket . . . believe me, we have someone new to drive us this year.

Revlon Run/Walk for Women
Ofelia de Leon with Paul and Dee Dee

Last year's was a poignant walk. Little did we know that Ofelia de Leon, the mother of two of our employees, Dee Dee and Paul Manalang - all three of them walking happily along with us - would die less than three months later from breast cancer. That brought the seriousness of the walk home in a way we'd rather it did not.

For just the second time in our 30 year history we slowed down so we could attend Ofelia's funeral. The church was overflowing with her family and friends. Poignant and quite sad.

This year's walk will take place May 7 and is in memory of Ofelia.

To support this cause and help Team Mockett with our fundraising goal please go to our Team Page.



Douglas A. J. Mockett 


March 2011

   Dear Friends:

CAT22-A Mockett Supplemental Catalog

You know the old saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. Maybe we could learn from that - last month we mailed our newest New Products Supplement, 42 pages filled with new products and concepts and ideas, and titled Catalog 22A.  So far so good ...

Then we started getting calls from people wondering if we’d downsized due to the recession and had chopped the core from our product line – they thought this was our new full-line catalog! We experienced “the law of unintended consequences”. A close look at the cover does say “2011 Supplement” but in small type. We never screamed “ALL NEW PRODUCTS!!!!" Maybe we should have.

Catalog 22A is our latest effort introducing you to new products we’ve developed over the past year. It is not a full line catalog! That will be coming later. I apologize for any confusion. And please see for the very latest, even newer than 22A.

Six weeks ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Day with our traditional company day of service. It is a normal work day for us, but any employee who wished, could take part in our company day of service to others. This year we put together care packages for people in need.

As Nakeisha wrote, “(we) . . . delivered the care packages to the homeless on skid row. It was an amazing experience. The people on skid row really appreciated the care packages and sandwiches we put together. It touched me to see how many homeless people are in need. They were very happy to receive the care packages and were very appreciative and blessed us for reaching out to them”.


All the best ...

Douglas A.J. Mockett

Mockett Day of Service Group


February 2011

Dear Friends --

Upward TrendDon’t pretend to know much about economics, but over the years have summed up the furniture industry like this: “If they ain’t renting office/commercial space, they ain’t calling the office furniture dealer to order furniture, the dealer ain’t calling the manufacturer to make the furniture, and the manufacturer ain’t calling me for parts.” Seriously, it isn’t much more difficult than that. Without demand from the end user/buyer, nothing happens.

It gives me great pleasure to pass on that our sales have taken a nice bump the last few months of 2010, and we have quotes for some good-sized orders later on in 2011. So, maybe we have turned a corner from the past few miserable years. On top of this, someone sent me a report that proposed construction projects, both residential and commercial/industrial, are way, way up over 2009 and 2010; they can project this from the construction/building permits applied for or taken out. And those selling furniture (and parts!) should start benefiting later in 2011. We hope so . . .

Hope 2011 is a banner year for you!


Douglas A. J. Mockett

January 2011

Hello Friends --

Greetings for 2011. Let's all hope it will be a good one.

Our annual Christmas luncheon is a festive occasion; this year we had a wonderful magician who literally pulled tricks out of his hat.

It is also time to pay homage to our dearly beloved Hector Tovar, a valuable employee who died in September 2000, far too early at age 37. Each year the employees choose one or more fellow employee(s) to receive the Hector Tovar Award, employee(s) who best symbolize Hector's drive, leadership, personality, and spirit.

For 2010 they selected two, Edna Linayao and Shane Beck.

Edna maintains our mail list of some 100,000+ names, and makes a lot of calls to ensure its accuracy. Some of the comments about her were "... a pleasure to work with, helpful, professional, great team player."

Shane was recently promoted to lead in picking and packing. People wrote that he was ... "committed, hard worker, great work ethic, kind and patient to fellow employees."

Each receives their name engraved on our large Hector Tovar trophy that sits in our reception area, as well as a smaller version to keep. Our hats are off to both! Very well deserved.




December 2010


Dear Friends:

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Every Christmas Torrance Memorial Medical Center, our local hospital, has their Festival of Trees, a fund raiser for which various donors decorate a tree placed on display at the Festival for a week and is then auctioned off.

Our annual tree is a memorial to Sue Carr, a wonderful employee who passed away two years ago at a far too early age. The Festival of Trees was a passion of hers. It is a pleasure to continue her passion.

Here is our 2010 tree. Our 2009 tree was decorated with toys and bought by a doctor for the hospital emergency department so kids could take a toy!

This year’s tree is a Tribute to Disney and also has a child orientation, so perhaps the same doctor will buy it!

All our best to you for 2011.


Douglas A. J. Mockett


 PS – Just heard the 2010 tree was bought for $1500! Sue would be quite pleased. Hats off to Team Mockett who did a great job creating this fantastic tree!

Mockett Christmas Tree


November 2010

Dear Friends:

Last month we once again ran La Carrera Panamericana, the 7 day, 2300 mile race from southern to northern Mexico. No, we did not win. A broken driveshaft on Day 1 ended any chance of that ... and devastated us. We ended up 27th of 118 entries. We fought back. Days 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 we finished 3rd overall behind two serious pro drivers, former big time rally driver Harri Rovenpara from Finland who won overall, and 2nd place Michel Jourdain, a former Indy-Car star from Mexico City. So we take some satisfaction we were “the best of the rest”, especially since I am almost twice their age! A memorable highlight was actually beating Harri, fair and square, on a speed stage. So that leaves Day 6. There is a good reason Ferrari has not called me to drive for them and that would be called Day 6. No need to explain: photos of Ms. Fuentes and the Olds two years running explain it all.

Ms. Fuentes & Olds 2009 Ms. Fuentes & Olds 2010
Ms. Fuentes 2009 Ms. Fuentes 2010

A Carrera tradition is that if you go "off" in the same place two years in a row, that corner is named after you. So the turn will now be known as "Curva Mockett". Ms. Fuentes declined to share in the honor. Click here to enjoy our YouTube 12 seconds of fame ... Many thanks to CYMISA, our distributor in Mexico, for their support.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Douglas A.J. Mockett


October 2010

Dear Friends –

A week or so ago we had a company luncheon to celebrate our first 30 years in this biz ... hard to fathom ... and to honor the people who have been with us 20 or more years. Believe it or not, more than 15% of our employees have been with us more than 20 years! It gives me a great sense of pride that we offer such an excellent work environment that people stay with us. Here they are, some you may have spoken with, some who may be just names:

Jean Rowe – Our CFO
Alfredo Padilla –Warehouse manager
Manuel Diaz – Custom order department lead
Arturo Padilla – Warehouse
Donna Matsumoto – New products development/trade shows
May Beck – Customer service
Rafael Tovar – Warehouse
Oscar Carrillo – Purchasing manager
Sergio Tovar – Warehouse

I am very proud of them all, as I am of all our 60 employees, for their fine contributions to our growth over the years.


Douglas A.J. Mockett

P.S. Just got word Haiti Community Support has the van we sent back in February (see below)


Subject: Ford Van is OUT today!

From: mathilde wilson
To: Doug Mockett

Dear Doug,

Alleluia! We thank you so much for this Super Vehicle.

It's been a long hostile and hurtful time for us by the corruption and bureaucracy in Haiti. HCS with its small budget has managed to pay over $7,000 for custums fees and briberie. But the effort is not in vain and we won't let beaten down to give up. I love what I am doing and the Van is going to give us the tool that we ever need the most  a Good Vehicle to continue delivering the care for the most in need and suffering. We were without vehicle for over 2 months, our Toyota fell apart and it was HCS's only vehicle.  We bought it in Dominican Republic last February, and because the borders were open we could get it into Haiti.  It was well used when we bought it.  After bone jarring trips into the mountains, and almost daily trips into Displaced Person Camps loaded with tents, medicine, our Haitian doctors, nurses and support staff, the truck was at is truly on its last legs.   We had no funding to replace it.

Everyday Haiti Community Support confronts people like Leresse Vilsaint Leresse staggered into the Au Centre Community Health Center from her village carrying this malnourished child.  Leresse is 73 years old, her daughter just died.  She's holding 9 month malnourished Nozilhomme, one of 5 her children now in her sole care.   Leresse herself was hungry, she has no money, no food, a roof that leaks and a plot of land so small it can't feed even one person.

I'll send you the Van Pics on Monday. Once again, Thanks with all my heart.




September 2010

Dear Friends -

It is now just after Labor Day weekend, Summer is over (for some of us anyway --see cartoon!), it is back to school time, and time to get back to serious work for the Fall and Winter.

It is troubling to read and hear how bad “they” say things are. The other day I heard a Wall Street expert proclaim now was not the times to buy stocks; things were that bad. The next day the NYSE went up 250 points! Some expert ... So I question whether things are bad, or are only bad in our heads, and not so bad in reality.

I love this quote. “ ... the only thing we have to fear ... is fear itself ... nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” (From Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first inauguration speech at the height of the Great Depression, March 4, 1933).

The sky hasn’t yet fallen. The world hasn’t yet ended. Yes, sales are down. Margins are thin. But – we’re developing new products, new ideas, seeing orders from new clients virtually daily, and keeping our spirits high. All of us WILL survive this mess! After all, in my 30 years in the grommet and furniture parts biz, I’ve seen four recessions (indeed, started this venture in one —that’s how little I knew in 1980!) and sooner or later we pull out of them. Times are good for a while and then slow. It’s just a cycle. Be strong, be tough. Hang in there. Things WILL improve. I don’t know when, but they will.

I wish you and yours all the best for Fall 2010.


Douglas A. J. Mockett

Mooch & Izzy send their best woof!


August 2010

Dear Friends -

You aren’t going to believe this, and neither do I. But truth is often stranger than fiction. Back in January we, along with the rest of the world, were shocked at the destruction and devastation the earthquake of January 12 brought to the impoverished nation of Haiti and especially to Port au Prince. So we bought and in February sent a container to Haiti loaded with medical supplies, construction supplies, soap, and donated one of our Ford vans. Many of you donated money and supplies, too. The supplies were in the container. The container was going to be used as a medical clinic, the van as an ambulance. So - what could possibly go wrong?

After an arduous trip via the Dominican Republic (the harbor in Port au Prince was trashed, too) and numerous delays, the container made it to the border by April, where it was held up by Haitian Customs. Mathilde Wilson, the indefatigable leader of Haiti Community Support, made trip after trip to the border to attempt to release the container. Finally, in June (!) she succeeded and the container was able to be unloaded.

TrailerBut a small hiccup. The supplies were released. Not the van nor the container. Customs has held firm. HCS is welcome to the van for a “fee” of $5,000. Mathilde adamantly said “no”, Customs said “yes”.

And it is now August and the van and container still sit.

I guess maybe I am a little naive and believe Haiti would welcome all the aid it can get and be more open. But it appears not. The old system of corrupt officials is alive and well. Unbelievable, no?

Or, as the man said , “Let no good deed go unpunished”. I guess our next move will be to try to get the van and container shipped back. Stay tuned!


Douglas A. J. Mockett

July 2010

Dear Friends –

The middle of June was the annual NEOCON show. Things were a bit more reserved than in the past, but it was great. We met many new faces, saw a lot of old ones, had a good reception to our new products, and came away energized for the rest of 2010! It was that good.

We Get Mail –
"Thank you for mis-spelling my first name and thank you for mis-spelling my last name, too. You careless jerk. I wouldn’t buy from you if Mockett was the last company on Earth."
- George Hawkins

Hey, George, lighten up! We get the message...we’ll be more diligent. And George, I hope you will reconsider. (PS – No comment on misspelling "mis-spelling" – twice!)

Pike's Peak 2010On a more positive note I am pleased to tell you that Sunday June 27 ace navigator Angelica Fuentes and I took my 1954 Olds Super 88 up Pikes Peak in the annual hill climb. The course is 12.42 miles with a 4800' elevation gain to the peak at 14,110'; some paved road, some dirt road, and 156 turns.

We did so in 13:05 for a new course record in the Vintage class, blasting the old record by :51, nearly a full minute. Plus we were awarded the Race Directors Award for the most competitive car. And saw a bunch of clients, one of whom posted part of our run on YouTube.

Enjoy the Summer. You deserve it!




June 2010

Dear Friends –

Every year the Entertainment Industry Foundation in Los Angeles supports women’s cancers research with a 5 kilometer walk/run fund raiser that starts by the LA Coliseum, wanders around the neighborhood, and ends by coming through the tunnel onto the Coliseum floor – very emotional and very impressive – some 40,000 people take part. We have done so the past 4 years. Some of us run, most of us walk behind our “Team Mockett” sign.

We charter a bus to avoid parking hassles, meet at the business early, and go from there. Which we did last month. What could go wrong? Here are a few things –

• The bus driver got lost. He didn’t know where the Coliseum was. (Like not knowing where the Empire State Building is in NYC).

• After he found his way he cut off a car while exiting the freeway. The cops did not find that amusing, pulled him over, and we spent 20 minutes while he was written a ticket. (Which meant those who wanted to run missed the start).

• Then he almost ran over a traffic cop directing us to parking.

• On the way back he had no idea how to find the freeway.

• At the last light, at the last left turn onto our street, he almost had a head-on.

Yes, we were pleased to get off of that bus! No, we did not give him a tip! Incredible -- how could this guy be driving a bus with people’s lives at stake?

Have a great Summer!


Douglas A. J. Mockett 


May 2010

Dear Friends :

Trade show season is fast upon us. I will be at ICFF and NEOCON and hope you’ll come by and say ‘hello’. As we’re in the mail order biz these are our opportunities to meet our clients and exchange ideas. We look forward to it, believe me, and come away with a lot of good input and good suggestions.

What’s that? Do I detect a “glimmer of hope”?

There seems to be a spot of optimism out there. Our phones are ringing again, March home sales were at a record, so – fingers crossed -- this may be the beginning of the turning point.

I hope so. It’s tough to keep a stiff upper lip when the bank is calling every other day. As a friend of mine observed, “when you’re broke the rent comes due every three days”. It sure seems that way.

But we have used the downtime to develop new markets and new products. Our Ms. Matsumoto is near a meltdown, juggling the design and manufacturing of some 30+ new concepts. But we will introduce them all this Fall, and hope you will like them. I think so...

Hope to see you at a show,


Douglas A. J. Mockett 


April 2010

Dear Friends:

The trade show season starts in earnest next month and we’ll be in NYC at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, May 15 to May 18. Please stop by.

We Get Mail: It was quite humbling for all of us to have received the letter below. My hat is off to our Award Winning Customer Service Representatives. Very humbling ... Our people do a brilliant job taking care of our many clients.

Dear Mockett Employees:
I am returning a few of the drawer pulls/hardware items I purchased through your company.
We have just recently finished a large home remodel project and I used your hardware on all my new cabinets. We are thrilled with the way it came out! I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your company. From start to finish the customer service has been great and your products are contemporary and unique – just what we were looking for! Your prices are very reasonable and you are dog friendly to boot!
Please feel free to use us as a reference.
Kind regards,
Lori & Ray DePole

Every now and then we hold a sale of overstock and discontinued items. Our 2010 sale will start in about two weeks and you’ll get advance notice by email. In fact everyone on our E-List gets first dibs. We’re sending out a SALE! flyer about April 20th or so, bundled into our continuing 2010 Stimulus Pricing Plan brochure. And we will send out your advance E-notice five or so days ahead of the brochure hitting desks nationwide. Be sure to take advantage of your advance notice -- when the sale parts are gone they’re gone for good!




Haiti Community Support - Container 1

Dear Friends:

Last Friday, February 26, was a banner day. That was the day our first container of aid was picked up and shipped off to the Dominican Republic where Haiti Community Support (HCS) will pick it up and transport it overland to Port au Prince. We purchased the container so HCS will be able to use it at their medical clinic. Better than the tarp on the sidewalk they’ve been using. As the saying goes, “In the kingdom of the blind a one eyed man is king”. So a used container become an acceptable medical examining room. HCS’ doctors have been seeing 1000 people a week. With no end in sight. The container is progress.

This first container is filled with medical supplies and food, tents, tables, lumber for building, soap, and lots of other useful things. And one of our trusty Ford vans we have donated which HCS will use as an ambulance.

Our community and local schools have really stepped up to the plate. We have donations for at least another two containers, and will start to sort through and organize them, and buy another container and ready it to go.

Please contact us to donate; we’ll send a call tag to get it. And go to and see the fine work they do. It is impressive.


Douglas A. J. Mockett


Haiti Community Support - Container 1 Stuffed Container



MathildeHaiti - How We All Can Help

In my lifetime I have never seen such destruction and devastation as in Haiti. Watching CNN is painful. Your heart has to go out to these unfortunate souls, to this desperate country. But let’s see how perhaps we can help them make lemonade from this giant lemon.

We’ve been fortunate to have hooked up a few years ago with Haiti Community Support, a St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands-based charity run by Bruce and Mathilde Wilson. HCS supports the village of Au Centre, high in the mountains 100+ miles west of Port au Prince. It’s not on any map, but if you can find Les Cayes it’s north of there up in the mountains. Mathilde is from Au Centre, met Bruce, married and moved to St. Croix.

A year ago I went with them to Au Centre and wrote about the journey in the April ’09 E-News. An excerpt:

  "Where to start? No jobs, no electricity, no running water, no medical, no food, no road, just a dirt footpath, no indoor plumbing, one outhouse (at Mathilde’s mom’s house, thankfully), bamboo/thatch shacks, no connection with the outside world, and no education until this past September when the 8 classroom school opened that Bruce and Mathilde had built … Water is carried up a steep hill from a withering spring… Food is rice and beans..." You get the picture.

What especially appeals to me is that HCS is a true “grassroots” organization. No drama, no fanfare, just results. They don’t mess about, they just get the job done. My kind of people.

Haiti Community SupportHCS is a 501(c)(3) IRS- approved charity so you can be assured it’s on the up-and-up. What I like is there are no “administrative” expenses that eat up the donations. 100% goes to good works. Better than that, you can call Bruce at (340) 772 1651 and talk to him. Tell him you’re a friend of mine. Or check out their website or this video. After the earthquake Mathilde immediately went to Haiti, and you can try her cell there, 011 509 365 45266.

Thank You for All Your Support,

Douglas A. J. Mockett.

Boy Student Haiti Coffee
Man on Donkey Girl Student
Lady followed by a pig


What we're doing:

Mockett Volunteers • Collecting all sorts of stuff – dry foods, food supplements, medical supplies, blankets, new and used clothes, soap and other cleaning materials, from the list provided (pdf). Friends are putting 50-100 collection boxes in local schools. We’re donating a Ford van. 

• Our Martin Luther King Day service project involved many of us sorting and packing clothes and food items for Haiti.

• Chartering a plane in St Croix to shuttle Bruce, doctors, EMT’s and supplies to/from Port au Prince.

• Organizing at least one, maybe two, 40’ containers to send to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. HCS will truck it overland to Port au Prince where Mathilde has set up their own clinic. And on to Au Centre. The container(s) should be ready to depart Los Angeles mid to late February.

 How you can help:

Mockett Volunteers

• Donate to on their website. 100% goes to help and is not eaten up by “overhead”. There is no overhead! Plus, it’s IRS tax-deductible.

• Send us any or all of the above items, in any quantity. We will gladly pick up the FEDEX freight from you to us. Please call Susan Gordon (310) 533-6311 or Donna at (310) 533-6314 and they can arrange the FEDEX pick-up.



2009 Hector Tovar Award

Dear Friends -

The highlight of our year is the presentation of the Hector Tovar award at our annual Christmas luncheon. Hector died September 10, 2000, far too young at age 37, leaving a widow and two small sons. He was a vivacious guy, always in a good and positive mood with a big smile, always a leader, the true spirit of our warehouse staff. So each year the employees nominate who they believe is deserving, someone in the tradition Hector set for us all. 

Patricia Tovar          Cookie Guy

This year the employees chose Patricia Tovar and Cookie Guy. Here are some comments made about Cookie: " I truly enjoy working with her. She is a valuable asset to the company."

And about Patricia: "She comes to work with a great attitude ready to take on the day with a smile."

Each will receive an engraved Nambe alloy vase, and their names will join the others on the large Nambe vase in our reception area. Congratulations to Patti and Cookie! Well deserved...

All the best for 2010...

Douglas A. J. Mockett.

December 2009

Dear Friends -

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. 2009 will go down as a year to forget. We can only focus and keep plugging away and do our best to make sure 2010 is a better year. And it won’t take much to make it a “better year”.

Some good news to share. I rescued a Golden Retriever just before Thanksgiving. So now Mooch will have some company to replace Charlie, our first rescue dog who died in March 2008. The new beast is Izzy and he’s about one or so, and absolutely full of beans and mischief. With a heart of gold, an ever-present smile and a tail that does not know how to stop wagging. He needs a little training but is housebroken and knows how to “sit”. Just not for long! A lovely guy. We love him, and he seems to like us.

If you are looking for a dog or cat I’d highly recommend rescuing one. Each breed has a local rescue group; just Google the breed you want and the town or area. For example, ours is the Golden Retriever Rescue Society of Greater Los Angeles. (GRRS -- get it!).

The other good news is that JR Hildebrand became the first American to drive a Formula One car in some years. He earned it on merit, too, first by becoming 2009 Indy Lights champ, and secondly by being fastest in a racing car simulator. The test was held early December in Jerez, Spain, over three days. JR was among the fastest each day and ended up being quite highly regarded by all. If all goes well JR could be a test and reserve driver in 2010 with a shot at a race seat for 2011. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

All the best from all of us to all of you. And many thanks for your continued loyalty.


Douglas A. J. Mockett.

Carrera Panamericana 2009

The last week of October is the annual Carrera Panamericana, a 2300 mile, seven day car race from southern to northern Mexico, following largely the route of the original PanAm, which ran from 1950 to 1954 to celebrate the opening of the Pan American Highway through Mexico.

I have done this event 17 times now in our trusty 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88, my navigator Ms. Fuentes some 15 times. And 2009 was going to be our year! We tested the car several times. We pre-ran the course. We had the best crew. We were ready!

And it started out that way – we qualified First of 98 cars. This was going to be a walk in the park ...

On the first day we discovered why motor racing is often called “the sport of tears”. The engine blew.

An overnight engine change and we were back in the fray, but due to not finishing the day before, our chances of an overall victory were down the drain.

Days 2, 3, 4, and 5 we finished on the podium, and won one of the days.

Day 6 we had a great run going in the the mountains outside Guadalajara. Car handling beautifully, driving well, Angelica navigating brilliantly, then – I just plain lost it going into a left-hander – and spun it into the grass and down a ravine. Then had to wait two hours for a tow truck to get us out, ending Day 6 for us. More tears.

Day 7 we drove conservatively but fast, wanting to get to the finish in Nuevo Laredo and the big party. And did okay – tied for First, down to the second!

“Mother said there would be days like this ...” seems to best sum it up.

But ever optimistic -- 2010 here we come!

2009 Pikes Peak Hill

Pikes Peak 2009

July 19 marked the 87th running of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. This is the second oldest motor race in the United States, after the Indianapolis 500.

Everyone gets one run up the “hill” –
12 1/2 miles starting at 9300’ and ending 4800’ vertical feet later at the summit, 14,110’. 156 turns. Partially paved and partially still dirt. No guardrails and, trust me, you don’t want to look down.

Last year, in our first go, Angelica Fuentes and I qualified third and then won the Vintage Division by 8 seconds, in a time of 14:26. This year we won qualifying by 8 seconds. We were pretty chuffed! A walk in the park… for the 1954 Oldsmobile we call “Olds in Name Only”, slightly modified with just 550hp. And special tires for this year.

The Vintage cars were first off and as pole sitter we went first. That was pretty exciting as the thousands of spectators did not expect us, and we did not expect them to be in the middle of the road. But it is amazing how fast someone gets out of your way … especially when you are coming down at them at 90 – 100mph. Quite impressive actually.

The Olds felt great in the lower sections, it felt good in the middle sections, but the
last four miles, all dirt from 12,000’ to the summit, it just could not get the power down to the road. Even gently pressing the gas spun the wheels. Short shifting helped a little, but not a lot. Then there was the last turn and the checkered flag! Woo Hoo! Made it! We checked in with timing and had gone 12 seconds faster than ’08. Even with all the wheelspin. This was okay … we were sure to repeat as champs.

Next up was Keith Davidson of Golden., CO in a 1963 Falcon. This was the guy we beat by 8 seconds last year. We’d gone 12 seconds faster than last year, so …

Keith came over the summit and he looked pretty fast… then came the times. He did a 13:56, beating us by a full 20 seconds.

Groan… or as we say in LA, “From hero to zero”. But we did get 2nd place.

We had an in-car camera on board and uploaded it to Youtube.

Back to the salt mines…. Someone has to pay for Second Place… groan.

A humbling experience… to say the very least. Groan… 
Doug and Angelica cross the finish line atop Pikes Peak. Don’t turn right! Don’t even look right! Thanks to CYMISA, our distributor in Mexico, for their support.


Angelica in blue gets the photo of a lifetime as Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima in his 1000hp Suzuki tries to break the 10 minute mark. In past years he had gone 10:01, this year just 10:15. “Just”?


2008 World Drifting Champion Rhys Millen with Angelica and Doug.


Electricity and a Refrigerator Come to a Mexican Village.

Every year that the Carrera Panamericana starts in Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of the southernmost, and poorest, Mexican state of Chiapas, we have always helped Prof. Jorge Morales Ramos, a good guy who runs a charity named "Enviame a Mi" ("Save Me"), dedicated to the "Education, Food, Health and Housing" of the poor of Chiapas. So last month when we arrived there was Prof. Ramos - with his big smile and with a special request - would we donate a refrigerator to Enviame a Mi?

Of course we would. He went on to explain how a village they serve had just received electricity. The refrigerator would be a huge hit for a village that never had one. I guess when we are used to virtually every convenience, this concept is a shock. A small donation that has made a big difference. The pictures explain better than any words.





LeftOur own Oscar Carrillo loading the refrigerator in Tuxla.



The road to the villageRight 

 a 2-hour drive over a mountain range to a far valley   






LeftOscar fell off the truck! Deep into the mud!




Unloading the refrigerator. Right






LeftHappy kids with the village’s first refrigerator

2008 Carrera Panamericana

High-speed left-hand corner somewhere in Mexico
– note left front wheel.
3rd Place
In Nuevo Laredo with 3rd place trophy.

Our annual high speed joyride, 2300 miles from southern to northern Mexico in 7 days, was, again, an adventure with more than a few highlights. Of 108 entries we qualified 7th and finished 3rd overall and 2nd in the Turismo Mayor class for big stock cars. But that hardly tells the story -

•We were 2nd (by 1 second) in what I call the "Running-of-the-Bulls" speed section along a freeway in downtown Mexico City. 4 1/2 miles with 4 miles of terrifying straightaway and a few top speed curves at the end. And no guardrail to the right and a million spectators. We hit 175mph and averaged about 160 for the run. And did it in 1:44. Whew! Glad that's over for another year ...

• 125mph down a straightaway outside Zacatecas and shadows under a tree. Only the shadows started moving. Then the shadows turned out to be black bulls, sauntering across OUR road. Yes, the brakes worked. Very well, thank you.

• Troubles: Handling problems, tire problems, and the worst was a slipping clutch that had to be gently massaged the last 400 miles of the last day. But we made it! 3rd was a good result considering.

• Triumph: this amateur crew of Angelica Fuentes and myself beating 1984 World Rally Champ Stig Blomquist. At every service stop Stig had a crew of 10 changing the whole car set-up. Oscar and Phil maybe bled the brakes, maybe changed tires, but mainly sipped good British tea.

Angelica with her posse.

2008 Pikes Peak Hill Climb - Vintage Class Winners!

The concept is simple, the execution is not so simple.DMC Pikes Peak Win
Just race to the top of Pikes Peak, to the summit at 14,110 feet. At the fastest speed possible. Mind the corners! And mind the drop offs! No room for wusses. Not for tea cuppers.
Now the challenge: race on everyday pavement for two miles, then on dirt for three, then on pavement for another three, then on dirt for the final four miles. Throw in 156 turns from mild to the worst hairpins ever. Needless to say, there are some dramatic dropoffs; in fact, best not to look. Then sprinkle in the final blow – a 4800 foot vertical climb from an already thin 9300 feet to a rarified 14,110 feet.
July 20, 2008 was the 86th running of this classic, the second oldest motor race in the USA. And here were we, Angelica Fuentes, pro navigator, and Doug, very amateur driver. Maybe Angelica, pro navigator, and Doug, aka Walter Mitty? And the 500+hp La Carrera Oldsmobile.
We qualified third in the Vintage class. And at the start blasted off and started up the “hill”. Long story short, Angelica called the perfect stage, never missed a corner, never missed a braking point (good thing, too), and depending on how you look at it, the run was either the longest 14 minutes, 26 seconds ever, or was over in an instant. All I know is it took forever and it took a nanosecond. I was drenched with sweat. But we were both elated that we completed this classic run and did a darn good job of it. A most satisfying run.
14:26 was good enough to win our Vintage Class. It was a “good” time, but nowhere near the time of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb hero, Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima, driving a very special 1000+ hp turbocharged four wheel drive Suzuki. He set the world record last year of 10:01, but this year did ”only” a 10:18. “Only …”
We all stay at the top until each of the 200+ entries makes his run, then all convoy down together. Slowly – spectators were coming to the edge of the road and “high-fiving”. I must have “high-fived” thousands of people on the 12 miles down. First left and I “high-fived”, then right and Angie did the same. All enthusiastic and all pleased to have seen our runs up the hill. Going up may have taken 14:26, going down took an hour. The best hour of decades of motor racing, honestly. It was so charming, so rewarding and so gratifying for all of us – spectators and competitors alike -- it was very special. …
Demanding, challenging, daunting, dangerous, rewarding, and even more adjectives. Believe me, I asked myself more than once, “what the hell are we doing here?” Still not sure, but sure glad we did it …what a thrill and what a feeling of accomplishment.
At the tourist shop at the summit it was a pleasure to fork over $ 2.99 -- Angelica now has a new bumper sticker for her car that says, “Real Women Don’t Need Guardrails”. Not on July 20, 2008, anyway.

DMCPikes1.jpg (37161 bytes)

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DMCPikes5.jpg (20312 bytes)

DMCPikes4.jpg (18937 bytes)

2007 La Carrera Panamericana Road Race

Where to begin our adventure on this annual 2000 mile, 7-day race/rally from southern to northern Mexico? The week had so many highs and lows we cannot possibly cover them all. So just a few highlights and lows. It was the 20th anniversary of the rebirth of the 1950's event celebrating the Pan American highway joining the US to Central America through Mexico. We had to do well.

Angelica Fuentes, pro navigator and 2006 winner, and I qualified 3rd of 96 entries, for a good start. Within a few days we were trading first place with our arch-rival (and several times winner) Pierre de Thoisy. One day he would be first. The next day we would. By Day 6 (of 7) we had a one minute, 10 second lead. Not a lot but comfortable enough.

1.jpg (20358 bytes)

Our crew, L-R: Angelica's "friend", team manager Oscar Carrillo, Angelica, Doug, chief engineer Phil Denney.

pix3.jpg (68079 bytes)

Highlight: Day 7, which we won. Yes, we drove the wheels off the car. Yes, Ms. Fuentes' voice was at a high octave at certain points. Yes, it may have appeared to outside observers the car was often nearly out of control. But we never, ever gave up. By the end of the event we had made up 4:30 of the 5 minutes and finished second just 30 seconds behind Pierre! We can hardly wait to do it again!