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Casters are those handy wheels that you affix to the bottom of furniture, allowing you to move heavy pieces without putting out your back! They're practical but usually not very exciting.

Since we at Mockett are only interested in the best of the best, we've located a few of the most unique and contemporary furniture wheels available. We also offer a variety of Desk & Counter Legs with Casters.

Take a look and you'll agree that these are Casters with a Capital "C"!

  1. Twin Wheel

    Twin Wheel
  2. Sporty

  3. Angled Wheel

    Angled Wheel
  4. Hollow Wheel

    Hollow Wheel
  5. Curved Base

    Curved Base
  6. Spherical Casters

    Spherical Casters
  7. Caster Accessories

    Caster Accessories