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Want great-lookin’ legs? You’ve come to the right place! Our furniture legs and bases are some of the most gorgeous around. We’ve got a huge selection of all sizes and styles—traditional, contemporary and ultra-modern—to suit your needs.

Take a look and you’ll see that we’ve got the best legs in design, quality and finish!

We've looked upon casters as we looked upon drawer pulls. There sure are a lot of them out there and 99.5% are pretty basic and dull. Continuing our quest for the best of the best, we've located a few fine examples of the remaining 00.05%.

These are casters with a capital "C" - Bold. Strong. Contemporary. Casters finish off a furniture leg, table or cart really cleanly, really nicely. A wonderful added touch of sophistication combined with functionality. We have expanded our line considerably and hope you enjoy them all!

Furniture Legs & Casters
  1. Small (Li'l) Legs

    Small (Li'l) Legs
  2. Desk & Counter Height Legs

    Desk & Counter Height Legs
  3. PCS Integration into Table Legs

    PCS Integration into Table Legs
  4. Adjustable Legs

    Adjustable Legs
  5. Electric Legs

    Electric Legs
  6. Parsons Table Base Series

    Parsons Table Base Series
  7. Custom Cubes & Cylinders

    Custom Cubes & Cylinders
  8. Casters

  9. Leveler Options & Variations

    Leveler Options & Variations