Ever get the feeling your desk or office is starting to feel like a second home? Do the math -- perhaps you might even spend MORE time at your desk than anywhere else. Whatever the case, it's very likely that an exorbitant amount of time is spent locked in an empty gaze over a glaring monitor in a fixed stationary work environment. Why not make an adaptable work space to break the monotony? One that can be customized for comfort and convenience that will, in turn, enhance your productivity.

There are an infinite number of ways to create an adaptable comfortable workspace, including the addition of electric table legs that allow the entire workstation to transform from a sitting to a standing position with the press of a button, getting the blood flowing and promoting health and fitness by keeping your joints and muscles alert. Adjustable monitor arms can bring the screen directly into focus, preventing uncomfortable hunching or slouching and correcting overall posture. Tilt, spin, or move your monitor freely in any direction to find the optimal setting for your single or multiple monitors. A keyboard platform with full tilt motion and gel cushioning can give your wrists a break and can open up additional desk space by tucking underneath when not in use. Open up leg room and increase accessibility to your computer by adding a CPU holder under the desk. Add casters to maneuver easily across the floor. These are just a few examples of ways to break those old habits. Say goodbye to straining and say hello to ergonomics!

Ergonomics, Table & Work Surface Accessories
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  • Keyboard Platforms
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