PSCR8 - Felt Panel Privacy Screen

Technical Drawing
Sound proof your private workstation with a felt lined privacy screen to deaden ambient chatter and white noise. Open concept work spaces have a lot of benefits when it comes to maximizing space and promoting collaboration and teamwork, but sometimes you need to retreat to your own private workspace to work individually and concentrate.

• Privacy Panel Screen for personal work space
• Sound barrier and sneeze guard against airborne bacteria
• Felt lining deadens ambient noise

This felt panel will help you to create a comfortable cove to soften those innocent distractions. Will also prevent the spread of bacteria between neighboring workstations and from foot traffic passing by.
Available in four neutral tones that will easily fit with any existing furniture and interior design.

Size: 23-5/8" width, 19-11/16" height

Compatible with the following panel brackets: PGRP4A, PGRP4B, PGRP6, PGRP6B, PGRP8, PGRP9, and PSCR8.
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