PCS78/USB/C - Power Grommet - 1 USB/2 Wire Holders

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Round surface mount grommet has three chambers to be populated with a dual USB charger and two inserts with slots for Wire Management. The modular kidney-shaped inserts can easily be swapped out or removed and used in any configuration as needed by unscrewing the center locking ring and removing the insert. Slotted Wire Managers will hold plugs at the surface level and prevent them from falling through the desk.

• Mounts nearly flush with the desktop
• Dual USB Charger
• 6 slots for cable management pass-through
Overall: 4" Diameter
Cutout: 3 3/4" Diameter

Finish: Black, Grey & White.

Also available : PCS78A 2 Dual Data/1 Wire Holder, PCS78B 1 Dual Data/2 Wire Holder, PCS78C 3 Dual Data, PCS78D 3 Wire Holders, PCS78/USB/A 1 USB/1 Dual Data/1 Wire Holder, PCS78B/USB/B 1 USB/2 Dual Data
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Note: Shown with optional HDMI, passive USB connectors, and Cat5 data - not included. Kidney inserts come unloaded with keystone cutouts. Dual USB Charger included.