WM39/40/SET - Spine Wire Manager to Under Desk Cable Tray Set

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Take command of your cables from the floor all the way up to the desktop and along the underside of the desk with this cable manager kit.

• Flexible spine moves up and down with adjustable height sit stand desks
• Magnets included to cling to table leg
• Spine stands 51" high with option to add additional vertebrae for added height
• Cable Tray is 16 ¾” long x 5 5/8” wide with option to extend length
The flexible spine wire manager moves up and down with adjustable desks and includes magnets to fasten to a table leg so it stays neatly tucked out of the way. The spine feeds into a large cable trough that is large enough for your heavy-duty cable management needs.

The cable tray flips down for access and then flips back up and has modular fittings on the ends so it can be extended to length as needed. Large enough to not only channel multiple cables but to stow excess length of cables to keep them from sagging and slouching below the desk. Cable Tray adds 3 11/16" to overall height of spine for standing desk height consideration.

Also sold individually: WM39 (Wire Spine), WM40 (Under Desk Cable Tray), and WM39/40-CONNECT (Connector gasket to join WM39 & WM40 together).

Finishes: Black/Black, Metallic Silver/Black
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