PCS36B/DC-U - Daisy Chainable Circuit – Unloaded - 2 Power/2 Data Ports

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Link multiple units together on a single circuit via daisy chain connector plugs. This allows you to outfit your furniture with multiple power and data stations when access to power in a floor core or at the wall is limited. Plug your Control Box (sold separately, see below for add-ons) into the wall, then plug in your first unit via the Smartlink connector that ‘snaps’ in place. Then link up additional units as needed using the same Smartlink connectors. Includes two power outlets and two unloaded data ports to be fitted with your choice of voice, data, USB, or audio/video connections, all housed in a sleek aluminum body with a flip-up carriage that pops up when needed then presses down and ‘clicks’ closed when not in use for a nearly flush look with the surface.

• Pop up for access, press down to close
• 2 Power, 2 Unloaded Data Ports
• Daisy-Chainable for up to 8 units
• Includes overload protection and reset switch
• UL Listed

NOTE: One Control Box (Power Adapter) needed per circuit. Example: for a run of 2 or more units, only one Control Box needed, for two separate runs of 2 or more units, two Control Boxes needed, etc. Add to cart separately via Add-On below.
Connect up to 8 units on a single circuit, requiring only one plug-in to power the entire lot of units. Order the exact number of units needed for your custom setup and they are ready to connect and plug-and-play out of the box. You can also always add more units as needed at a later date to extend the circuit. Smartlink connectors have an indicator light that will switch from red to green when the units are powered and connected. Control Box includes a circuit breaker with a reset switch in the event of an overloaded circuit.

Click here to select voice, data, USB, or A/V jacks for use in the unloaded data ports, or populate with your own connectors.

For single units that do not require daisy-chaining, we also have unloaded PCS36B-U with a standard corded plug.

Size: 4 7/16” x 8 5/16” overall, 4” x 8” cutout

Finish: Satin Aluminum or Black Anodized Aluminum

U.L. Listed and Canadian U.L. ListedUL listed and tested to meet UL962A (Furniture Power and Distribution Units). UL File No. E350502 (model PCS36). Electrical codes vary by location. Please check with your electrician to verify that this unit meets your local code before installing.

Made in USAMade in USA
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