MPB6.5 - MPB7.5 - MPB9 - MPB10 - Multi-Purpose Standoffs Satin Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel MPB

Long available in aluminum we now bring you these systems in Stainless Steel for use in health sensitive areas.

Introductory diameters are: 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4" with others expected soon.

How To Order:
First select your cap diameter in Step 1. Depending on your cap selection, the dropdown menus for subsequent steps will become active. After completing steps, towards the bottom of this page, add configured kit to the shopping cart. Prices are per each kit. Please contact Customer Service with any questions, to order 50+ quantities, or if you wish to order additional components.

Step 1. Please Select Cap Diameter:
Please note that the stainless steel caps have a stem that determines the minimum glass or plate thickness.

MPB6.5-10 Caps

Step 2. Please Select a Screw Connector Length (Included in Price of Cap Except Where Marked (*):

MPB Set Screw

For MPB6.5

For MPB7.5

For MPB9 - 10

Step 3. Please Select a Barrel Height:

MPB Barrel

For MPB6.5

For MPB7.5

For MPB9

For MPB10

Mounting Hardware Options:

Step 4. Please Select Type of Mounting Hardware (Included in Price Except Where Marked (*):

For MPB6.5

For MPB7.5

For MPB8

For MPB9

For MPB10

Click images below for installation instructions:

MPB Wood Screw

Wood Mount Hanger Screw For Stud Wall

MPB Concrete

Anchor For Concrete Wall
(available only for MPB9 and MPB10)

MPB Drywall

Anchor For Drywall

MPB Tabletop Washer & Screw

Tabletop Screw With Washer

Step 5. Select Quantity: