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October 2018
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Highlighted Product for the Month


Luxurious furniture legs cast with a decorative tapered shape and an offset top plate for mounting. Hefty arm projects outwards from the mounting bracket, then tapers downwards to a narrow base. Sturdy steel construction with a surprisingly thin profile. Fixed leveler attached.

Available in Matte Black, Glossy Black, White, Dark Bronze and Polished Aluminum

Tradeshow Schedule

Tradeshow Schedule

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Doug's News

Dear Friends:

Hard to believe it has just turned Fall … where does time go? Trust me it goes quickly here, we are so busy with projects and ideas. Also trust me, some time ago a revered “wise” man said everything that was going to be invented had already been invented. Think he got it all wrong!

From PCS1 introduced by us in 1996 we have just unveiled PCS103. That is correct, number 103, over 100 variations of Power and Data Grommets. And we are hard at work on 104 and 105! From a start nearly 40 years ago with one wire management grommet (SG) in two colors we have now over 3500 SKU’s. From little acorns and all that.

Last week we mailed our latest brochure entitled “Work Smarter – Optimize Your Efficiency” featuring our ever-expanding line of power and data grommets, and highlighting all our other lines – wire management, table legs, drawer pulls, shelf supports, residential hardware, and on and on. You should have yours by now or will very shortly. As you may know we are proud of our transparent pricing, and our net price list is in the back. As we say, “These are the prices Doug’s mother pays!”

Last week we sent a Special E-News seeking donations for “Shoes for the Homeless”, an LA based 501(c)(3) charity. Please check where we feature it and show you how to participate. We think of the large homeless populations nationwide but who thinks of their shoe needs? A very worth cause.

And if it is October it must be Carrera Panamericana time! Manuel and I will be there in “Olds En Nombre Solamente” (“Olds in Name Only”), hoping to improve on our 4th place finish last year (2 seconds behind 3rd place!). Coming off a strong win in the Chihuahua Express in April, we’re on a roll!

Hope all is well with you and yours

Doug's Signature
Douglas A.J. Mockett

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