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January 2018
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Highlighted Product for the Month


Illuminated power tower has an LED powered trim ring that gives a soft blue glow, making it easy to spot in any location even when in the closed position.

Press to pop up, then press to click closed below the surface. Easy installation, drill a 3 ¾” hole, drop in from the top, tighten from underneath, then plug and play!

Tradeshow Schedule

Tradeshow Schedule

Doug's News

Dear Friends:

Happy 2018! We hope it will be a banner year for you. We’re here to help you succeed with our ever-expanding line of “Fine Architectural Hardware for Your Fine Furniture”™.

Good News: By the end of January we will be sending a 50+ pages new products brochure concentrating on Power and Data Grommets. In it you’ll find all our new designs and products with a focus on the next big thing, Wireless Charging. Very cool technology coming to your work surface!

Not So Good News: As a wise man told me long ago, “The big print giveth, the small print taketh away”. With the new brochure comes our first price increase. This increase will be our first since 2008, so basically the first in 10 years. Since then materials/finishes/labor prices everywhere have slowly inched up but our prices have stayed stable. Since mailing our first brochure decades ago we have always printed the prices in the back of the catalog so you can have assurance of price transparency and stability for the duration of the catalog.

All our best for a great 2018.

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Douglas A.J. Mockett

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