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February 2018
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Highlighted Product for the Month


Say goodbye to rummaging under your desk for lost plugs and hidden receptacles. Adjustable edge mount bracket clamps to the edge of your desk and brings convenient power access to the surface level.

Sleek minimalist design has a sophisticated and understated contemporary look on any application.

USB ports provide 2.1 Amps per port with smart device recognition to self-regulate output. Larger devices will not steal power from smaller devices – all units will receive the full 2.1 Amps, or less as needed.

Your choice of one or two outlets plus dual Charging USB in Black, White or Gray.

6’ power cord

Tradeshow Schedule

Tradeshow Schedule

Doug's News

Dear Friends:

We are quite proud of our newest 50+ page brochure filled with new and innovative hardware, and truly hope it gives you a lot of creative direction as you design your upcoming projects.

It is being mailed tomorrow, the infamous Groundhog Day, and should reach you by the end of next week. Trust you will like it!

The title is “POWER- Shaping the Way We Work” and features all our latest Power and Communications Grommet solutions.

Power Grommets bring power from under the desk, from off the floor, to your desk and work surface. Now, you just plug in your power and data needs at your desk or work surface, not by groveling on the floor searching for the elusive outlet. Groveling on the floor is yesterday, power and data at your fingertips is today. 21st Century vs 20th Century.

Maybe even better is our growing line of wireless charging devices. Simply put your phone on it and it automatically charges! We are proud to be the innovators in this new and exciting area.

But never forget our nearly four decade past, our roots – in regular wire management grommets and channels, table legs, drawer pulls, and kitchen, bath and closet hardware. And more…Let me add we think it important to be transparent in our pricing. Our prices are printed in the back of the catalogue for all to see. No more calling for a price only to discover an increase when you place the order a few weeks later. It is what it is!

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Douglas A.J. Mockett

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