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October 2017
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All of your Audio/Video requirements at your fingertips in a single, compact, surface-mount unit. Flips up for access, then clicks closed. Powered by a gas spring for smooth operation.

Power your presentation and easily transmit a signal from your mobile device to the big screen in seconds

Available in two finishes: Satin Aluminum and Black Anodized Aluminum.



Doug's News

Dear Friends:

October means a lot of things to different people: to those living on the East Coast it means the true beginning of Fall; to those who are ardent baseball fans it means the start of the World Series; to those who love football both college and NFL teams begin to stand out; and to those who race old cars it means the start of the annual (30th annual, in fact) La Carrera Panamericana, a 7 day, 2500 mile race through the heart of Mexico, from South to North. It is truly the last great open road race in the world with big cars, big exhaust noise, crazy speeds, charming Spanish Colonial towns, cheering crowds, and grown men acting like the twenty-somethings they were decades ago.

They say a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. There is some truth to that.

This will be our – I think – 27th Carrera with 27 results ranging from First Place (2002) to crashing out and ending up in the hospital (2003) to various 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and several DNF (Did Not Finish) placings.

We’ve been at it so long last year a young man came up, introduced himself and said, “Senor Mockett, you used to race with my grandfather”. Thanks kid.

But this is it. Our year. The year our 650hp 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88, fondly called “Olds en Nombre Solamente” (“Olds in Name Only”), will lead the pack to the finish. We can feel it.

The Carrera starts Friday October 13. You can follow online and enjoy our trials and tribulations! Trust me it is not dull … if it was I’d join that kid’s grandfather on the sidelines.

Doug's Signature
Douglas A.J. Mockett

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