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NEW! CH54 Coat Hooks


CH54 - Q Coat Hook

CH54 Coat Hooks

Simple Elegance.
Stunning Versatility.

Slanted face angles off the wall 1 5/16" for larger coats and jackets with an additional tab on the bottom for smaller grommets. Frame hook is 2 17/32" square.

Available in four finishes: Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Matte Chrome, and Gloss White.


Final tradeshow for 2017!

BDNY Tradeshow New York City

November 12-13, 2017
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
New York City, NY


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Doug's News


Dear Friends:

A Happy July Fourth weekend to you! Hope it was a nice and relaxing four day weekend.

Every July 4 we all enjoy hot dogs and ‘burgers, a cool drink, fireworks, and big “Happy Birthday America” festivities. A great holiday of national pride. As well it should be.


American Flag - Independence Day


Looking back to the Pilgrims in 1620 at Plymouth (and even earlier Spanish colonists who came up the Rio Grande river well into New Mexico and established the first American “capital” near Santa Fe in 1610, but didn’t stay long), we certainly have progressed, mainly as a nation of immigrants.

Our little company has immigrants from South and Central America and Mexico, as well as the Philippines, Japan, Ireland and even Zimbabwe. All are new and proud citizens, or working on it. Immigrants bring diversity and lots of energy and entrepreneurial spirit.

Me? I’m a first generation American. My dad was born in England, joined the British Merchant Marine after high school, and eventually emigrated to New York in 1930, just as the Great Depression was getting under way. My mother came from Scotland. Her dad, my maternal grandfather, came from Glasgow to New York in 1924, worked hard and saved, and brought the family in 1927. Mom and dad met in New York and married in 1938 and my sister and I came along during World War II.

And here we are! Hard to believe ...

Please enjoy a wonderful Holiday ...

Doug's Signature
Douglas A.J. Mockett

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