January 2017
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Dear Friends:

Last month you may recall my writing in this column that when we were on the annual October race through Mexico, the Carrera Panamericana, an old lady at a rest stop in the tiny village of Chapa de Mota asked me if I would buy her village an ambulance. My semi-shocked response was, "we'll think about it".

In our land of "911" calls and an ambulance arriving within a few minutes, it is difficult to believe that it took an ambulance three hours to get to Chapa de Mota, and another two hours to get to the nearest hospital. Time frames like this don’t even enter our minds. Unfathomable.

To fast forward a month ... navigator Manuel called end of November and said he had located a used ambulance in Mexico City. So we worked a deal with the seller. It took a few weeks to get the ambulance tuned up, refurbished, and filled with the latest and greatest medical supplies.

And on December 15 Oscar, Manuel and I delivered the ambulance to the village. It was quite a moment! And still not sure who was more emotional and happier, the villagers or us! It was a real pleasure to see their smiles.

BTW on the way to the village, Manuel and Oscar had arranged for us to stop at a rural elementary school and give the kids Christmas toys. That was also very special, as you might imagine.

A very Happy 2017 to one and all. We here at Mockett hope yours is The Best ever!

Ambulance for Chapa de Mota

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Douglas A.J. Mockett

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