EDP/V2/LLWC - 2-1/2" Lily Pad Wireless Charger - LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Designed by: Rick Lewis - Palo Alto, CA

Charge your phone wirelessly while you work or while you wait. Forgot your charging cable? No problem! No wires, no hassle. Center your mobile device on the pad and Voila! Charging commences. Perfect for your work desk or bedside nightstand - easily accessible at all times for messaging or other notifications, then drop it back on the charger when not in use. Or grab it at a moment's notice after a few quick minutes of charging on the go.

• Wireless Charging Platform
• Compatible with all mobile devices that support wireless charging
• Easily mounts into 2 ½” dia hole
• Includes LED light under the cap

Lily Pad grommet mounts anywhere! Simply drill a 2 1/2" hole and the threaded grommet cylinder drops in from the top and a locking ring fastens underneath. Additional cables can run up through the desk for easy access, and Lily Pad cap snaps into place over the slotted tabs preventing the cables from slipping down through the desktop.
Equipped with LED light under the cap. A soft blue glow radiates from underneath while charging.

Colors: Metallic Silver/Matte Black and Matte Black.

This part has been discontinued and is limited to stock on hand. They are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Other available options: EDP/V2/LILY (Lily Pad Grommet), EDP/V2 (EDP2.0 Grommet), EDP/V2/E (EDP2.0 Grommet - Electric) and EDP/V2/USB (EDP2.0 Grommet - USB).

Made in USAMade in USA
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Note: In order for charging feature to activate, mobile device must be equipped with a wireless charging case or wireless charging receiver. Accessories for respective user mobile device not included. Some devices may already be equipped with wireless charging capabilities. Check below for compatibility options.