LV12 - Glide Leveler

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Universal leveler with 10mm stem can be mounted onto any type of furniture and used on all surfaces. Use the plastic cap for carpet, or flip the cap to install a felt pad glider for hardwood floors. Easy, non-marking maneuverability, perfect for cabinets and modular furniture. Or replace casters that have a 10mm threaded stem, making mobile furniture stationary with limited mobility. Clean look with rugged durability. Sold individually.
Compatible with TL27R/2SQ, or replace any caster or leveler with a 10mm threaded stem.

Size: 60mm (2 3/8") diameter, 48.5mm (1 29/32") height, M10 x 1.5 thread

Weight capacity: 70 lbs.

Finish: Matte Black with Black, Chrome and Matte Chrome Ring.

Price varies by color.
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