TL46 - Bolen Leg

Designer: Jeffrey Bolen - Marina del Rey, CA.
2009 Design Contest Winner!

Perhaps we’ve been at the furniture parts biz too long. There aren’t too many table leg designs that elicit a “wow!” from our long time judges. (Or maybe we’ve had the Design Contest judges too long?).
Jeffrey, an architect, sent in a leg design that was a “WOW!”. It is very unique. Made of stainless steel and dark wood with stainless fasteners, with a stepped design that is broad at the top and steps down to almost a point.

Perfect for your contemporary furniture designs! We will be offering it on a custom basis, so we can make it to your exact dimension, stainless finish, wood choice, and wood finish.

Please contact us with custom specifications, or complete this form and e-mail/fax to 800-235-7743 or 310-376-7650 for quotation.

Made in USAMade in USA
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