Our Guarantee

We stand 100% behind everything we sell you. We strive to ensure the finest quality and craftsmanship in all of our parts. If you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know. If we cannot satisfy you, we will accept back all items sold to you (excludes custom made-to-order items and items which are cut to size) and give you a 100% credit or refund, freight included. Regular wear and tear is to be expected, but if an item no longer performs as expected, we will replace it at any time. Returns received after extended periods based on usual wear and tear will be subject to discretionary review. Items that are used outside of their intended use are also subject to review for credit. Parts are intended for indoor use only - outdoor usage may void warranty.

Note some finishes may have a slight variance and may not look identical - this also applies to parts that are hand-made, including leather accessory items that are hand-stitched. Also, drawings provided are meant to serve as a guide only; we recommend waiting to receive parts before cutting or drilling furniture since all parts have a 1/32" tolerance unless otherwise specified. Also note some parts are manufactured to Metric standards, and the conversion to Standard Imperial may be subject to that tolerance.


Note: Parts must be packed securely and received in resaleable condition to ensure proper credit. Please wrap items individually to prevent damage and scratches in transit which may affect credit.

Return Instructions:

1. Locate your Return Label in the sleeve attached to the outside of the box. A Return Label is provided on every box for your convenience. Orders that ship in multiple boxes will have multiple pre-printed labels included, one each for each respective box.

2. Fill out the back of the packing slip and select the reason for return. Include this form with your return (you may want to make a copy for your records). Failure to include proper documentation may result in withholding credit if the returned items or reason for return cannot be identified.

3. Remove any existing shipping labels, and then affix the return label(s) to the outside of the box(es) (one each per box). If you need additional labels, please contact us at 800-523-1269.

4. Pack return items securely (see below regarding additional packing instructions).

5. Take package to an authorized Fedex drop off location or have your driver collect it during a regularly scheduled pickup or drop off. Log on to FedEx.com and select "Locations" to find your nearest drop off location. Or call 1-800-463-3339.

*Note that all orders will undergo an inspection upon receipt and must be received in new condition to receive full credit. Please pack items (along with any component parts or hardware) securely to prevent damage in transit. Items may need to be individually wrapped in some cases. Items that arrive broken, scratched, or damaged may be subject to withholding credit. Please see images below for details.

Correct Way to Pack Returns
Incorrect Way to Pack Returns

We take care of the productrs we send to you.
We hope you will take the same steps to ensure a safe return.