Do you provide installation sheets for your products?

All of our parts have technical drawings available online. Installation guides are also available online for select products (if applicable). In select cases, cut sheets or templates are provided for items with cutouts of irregular shape (i.e. oval or custom laminate instructions). This does not include round, square, or rectangular cutouts. We have installation videos available online for select parts with more videos coming soon.

Are there any clean and care instructions for parts?

General cleaning and care instructions for any metal, powder coated, or plated finishes simply include dampening a soft cloth with warm water and gently dabbing any affected areas. For heavily affected areas, apply soap in moderation. Avoid aggressive chemical solvents (i.e. bleach and acidic or alkaline solutions).

Why should I wait to receive my parts before cutting/drilling holes in my furniture?

We provide technical drawings for reference, but we recommend waiting until you have the parts in hand to do any drilling or routing, just to ensure that you eliminate any room for error. This is simply a precautionary measure as once the hole is made, it might be too late! All parts carry a small +/- tolerance.