Do you provide installation sheets for your products?

All of our parts have technical drawings available online. Installation guides are also available online for select products (if applicable). In select cases, cut sheets or templates are provided for items with cutouts of irregular shape (i.e. oval or custom laminate instructions). This does not include round, square, or rectangular cutouts. We have installation videos available online for select parts with more videos coming soon.

Why should I wait to receive my parts before cutting/drilling holes in my furniture?

We provide technical drawings for reference, but we recommend waiting until you have the parts in hand to do any drilling or routing, just to ensure that you eliminate any room for error. This is simply a precautionary measure as once the hole is made, it might be too late!

When using an HDMI coupler, how long can my connection be?

HDMI signal quality may be compromised when using cables over 50' in length. It is typically recommended that longer cables include an amp to serve as a signal booster. Note, however, active high speed HDMI cables are not recommended when using a coupler, switch, splitter, or matrix. Connecting multiple active HDMI cables in a series may result in signal failure.

Tip: Test cables and connections before installing inside a wall - if there are any issues or problems, we can help you resolve them before you spend the time, effort, and expense of installing them inside the walls.

What is the difference between static and dynamic load weight capacities on your casters?

A static load bearing is the weight applied without any build up of energy, and therefore is to remain motionless. Force, pressure, and gravity remain static or are applied gradually. A dynamic load bearing is measured by the application of rapid force or pressure to an object. Casters that hold a stationary object in place would be considered static. Casters that are used for objects that will be in constant motion with additional weight applied (i.e. for a chair where people would be sitting and standing or a cart where objects are thrown on top for transport) would be considered dynamic.