EDP/V2/LILY - 2-1/2" EDP2.0 Desk Grommet - Lily Pad

Installation Notes and Technical Drawing
Designed by: Rick Lewis - Palo Alto, California.
2011 Design Contest Winner!

Lily Pad cap includes a larger radius to extend outwards beyond the grommet opening and hovers over the grommet liner with a flat platform for stowing mobile devices on top while charging. Cables pass through either side of the slotted teeth of the liner flange and plugs can be stowed on the surface level without slipping back down through the grommet opening. Extended flange from the Lily Pad cap conceals any plugs from visibility.
Cables pass through the grommet liner and exit through the routed slots on either side of the skirted cap for access. Cables can be left in place between the slotted tabs on the liner flange for easy access at the surface level as the plugs will prevent the cables from slipping back down through the grommet opening. EDP/V2 is also a great retrofit option for existing openings giving a new look, plus the ability to channel more cabling than its traditional flip-top predecessor, EDP.

U.S. Patent 9024211

Size: 5-7/8" dia. lily pad, 2-1/2" dia. cut out.

Colors: Two options available - Black or Grey trim, both with Black rubber grip pad. Grey trim version has white liner underneath. (Black version is all black)

Other available options: EDP/V2/LLQI (Lily Pad Wireless Charger), EDP/V2 (EDP2.0 Grommet), EDP/V2/E (EDP2.0 Grommet - Electric) and EDP/V2/USB (EDP2.0 Grommet - USB).

Made in USAMade in USA
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