DP172/SL/3 - 3" Slotted Label Drawer Pull

Technical Drawing
Designed by: Matthew Boyko - San Francisco, California.

This ingenious design mounts with a tag slot allowing you to insert a label. Perfect for displays needing an attractive, convenient way to label merchandise in a store, or simply as a great drawer labeling system. Fastens from behind.
Size: 3" long, 1 1/8" projection, 2" (51 MM) on center.

Available in additional lengths and flat front style.
DP172/SL/4 - 4" Slotted Label Pull
DP172/SL/5 - 5" Slotted Label Pull
DP172/FL/3 - 3" Flat Front Label Pull
DP172/FL/4 - 4" Flat Front Label Pull
DP172/FL/5 - 5" Flat Front Label Pull

We offer custom sizing, so you can create lengths to suit your needs. For more information or pricing, please contact us.

Comes with endcaps.

Finish: Satin Aluminum.
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