September 2020

Dear Friends:

Even in these cloudy times there are a few silver linings:

• Only we have antimicrobial coating! It will be introduced this month on our DP3 Series of drawer pulls and DH4 door handle, then will coat more and more parts as Fall moves on.

• Our first-in-20-years office remodel is almost done! We are planning "The Big Move" to take place in a few weekends. We'll start 3pm Friday, work 24/7 and open up Monday ready to go. That is the plan...

• Due to COVID-19 Indy 500 ran August 23 with no spectators. Unfortunately, our James Davison caught fire and was out early. But Colton Herta soldiered on for a fine 8th place.

• It is a pleasure to announce our sponsorship of 17 year old Chicagoan Grant Palmer. Grant is driving in Formula Ford 1600 in England, the toughest competition there is for budding stars. And he is doing well, having won a bunch of the races and challenging to win the series.

Pictured above: Grant Palmer

• We still have a few hundred "Stay Safe Kits" available free; call or email us at [email protected] to get yours!

Please have a great Labor Day weekend, and all the best going into 2021

Douglas A.J. Mockett