October 2020

Dear Friends:

It is a pleasure to pass on that our racing hero, Colton Herta, won the IndyCar race on September 13th for his second win of 2020, and now lays 4th in the overall standings with two races left, both next weekend, October 3 and 4. Go Colton!

For decades we have listened to you, sympathetically, about your remodels gone wrong, far over budget and way past deadline. We have shared your pain. And after 20 years here it was our time. We needed to reconfigure the warehouse and office layout to catch up with the 21st Century.

How hard can this be? What could go wrong?

Well, let me share our pain. Everything just seemed to be late, seemed to be over budget, and if I heard it once I heard 100 times, "Oh, by the way (long pause), I forgot to mention..."

But, in candor, I am exaggerating a bit. We have a great bunch of our people working on our project, and all will turn out great, far better than before.

We did a survey with one question, "What is the single biggest challenge facing your business?" Almost half (45%) replied that projects were cancelled or delayed, 20% said shifting marketplace demand, and 20% supply chain issues.

We are all hanging on. Things will get better.

Happy Fall 2020.

P.S. We still have FREE Stay Safe Kits available. Request yours at [email protected].


Douglas A.J. Mockett