August 2020

Dear Friends:

Summer 2020 reminds me of Summer 1975 when the movie “Jaws’, about a marauding shark terrorizing the beaches of New England, became a blockbuster. The movie had a memorable line, “Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water.”

Similarly, as much as we would like to think Summer 2020 is the time to get back in the water, to get back to normal, it does not appear to be happening... Whammy after whammy — recession, political and civil unrest, and the worst, the pandemic of COVID-19 — where does it end?

Truly, the best view of 2020 will be your rear view mirror.

But we’re always being positive, being “up”, and always at it with new concepts and new designs.

And our new designs reflect the new reality of work at home and school at home and family at home. Good stuff, check them out at

We are here to help you get safely back in the water!


Douglas A.J. Mockett