December 2019

Dear Friends:

2019 was an interesting year. We grew a bit, had great receptions to our new products, our trade show exhibits, and our brochures and expanding social media efforts.

We always look forward. On January 6, 2020 we will be mailing our first brochure of the new decade, filled with old favs and new ideas. Good stuff to start the New Year! And literally 50-100 new parts to come alive next year. We are excited!

An LA-based charity we support, “Shoes for the Homeless”, is close to our hearts here. As the capital of homelessness in the USA with some 53,000 unfortunates living on the streets, we collect lightly used shoes and deliver to them. We have a box filling up now and there is always room for more. Please call us at (800) 523-1269 and we’ll send a box for them at no cost to you.

An annual bright light is the “Festival of Trees” at Torrance Memorial Hospital where we have for several years been invited to create and display a tree. They are all auctioned off; last year ours went for more than $ 2500. This year our theme is the cartoon character “Peanuts” and our team has made an award winning tree. Thanks to Martha, Maria, Mika, Kandee, and Sylvia.


Douglas A.J. Mockett