April 2018

Dear Friends:

We welcome to our neighborhood this friendly street fruit vendor. He’s right on the corner where our building is located, at 220th Street and Abalone Avenue.

So, why you may wonder, is this of interest?

Because for a week or so he set up camp every afternoon directly across the street on that corner.

“That corner” is where the Torrance branch of the DMV is located, and the fruit vendor did a good business with people coming and going to the DMV.

Until one day that is… uh oh…

Two of the security guards from the DMV came out of the building and ushered him off the corner, off the sidewalk, which as far as I know is public property.

Here is this harmless guy, just trying to make a few bucks, saw a great place to set up shop, and gets thrown off public property by The Man. It just seemed unfair.

So now he’s on our side of the street where The Man does not come. And we’re glad to have him! And wish him well… I hope he ends up being the fruit selling King of Los Angeles, and in a few years has hundreds of fruit stands. The American Way!


Douglas A.J. Mockett