November 2017

Dear Friends:

October has been a hectic month with quite diverse experiences.

Hurricane Harvey came blasting through Texas and was harmful to many of our clients. We had two older Ford vans we were going to raffle to employees but thought it better to donate to Texas clients slammed by Harvey. We then put out the call to our Los Angeles area clients and within three days had filled both vans with food and supplies headed for the Houston Food Bank, where they were very welcomed! And our drivers were heroes! Thank you Paul Harkin and Arturo Padilla.

October is also Carrera Panamericana month and we knew we were going to win the 30th anniversary race. Manuel and I were cruising along in Third Place on Day 2 (of 7) when the engine broke… essentially ending our race. But we got towed 150 miles and our guys fixed the issue (broken rocker arm) and we charged back to 8th overall and 6th in class. Not bad for doing just 6 of the 7 days! Motor racing can be frustrating at times. Like most of the time!

Please note our trade show events planned for next week and 2018. We hope to see you at one or more!


Douglas A.J. Mockett