June 2017

Dear Friends:

Doug & Rita Mockett and Alexander RossiNEOCON is just around the corner! As the largest office furniture, hardware and accessories show, it draws some 55,000 visitors and is a “must” if you are in the biz or a related business. The dates are June 12-14 and it is held at the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago.

We will have a sizable display on the Seventh Floor, an aisle wide and some 140’ long. The other end is in another zip code! And will display samples of virtually all the 3000+ SKU’s we offer. Find us at 7-9030. It will be a pleasure to see your reaction to the many new parts and components we are introducing at NEOCON. And look forward to your comments. This is where we get your very valuable feedback!

Alexander Rossi & Ray Harroun cars at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway museumLast Sunday was the 101st running of the venerable Indianapolis 500. Rita and I were there to see Alexander Rossi, the young driver we helped sponsor last year, defend his Indy 500 title. In 2016 he adroitly managed his fuel in the waning laps and literally coasted over the finish line, completely empty. It was an unbelievable finish of an incredible race. And a more than pleasant surprise.

The winner’s car goes on display in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway museum for the year. Here’s a photo of Rossi’s car (click images for larger version) next to the Marmon Wasp of Ray Harroun, winner of the first 500 in 1911. And yes, that is Rita and me with Rossi last weekend.

Looking forward to connecting with you at NEOCON. Have a great Summer!

Douglas A.J. Mockett