December 2017

Dear Friends:

As we come to the end of yet another year, all of us at Doug Mockett & Company want to wish you and yours all the best for a Happy Holiday season and a fantastic New Year.

Lately I’ve seen in various industries claims of virtually ‘instant’ delivery. Like they invented the concept! Nothing new here ...

We pioneered the concept for the furniture industry back in the1980’s but never gave it much thought as a marketing claim —my theory was if you wanted it, you wanted it NOW. So we always have had an adequate stock of all our items to fulfill your order NOW. Besides we were (and still are) dealing with the oft-forgotten-until-the-last-minute details. We get it ...
Back then it was called Just in Time delivery. A revelation! Back then we shipped same day you ordered 96.5% of the time.

Now it is called On Demand delivery. Same thing with new name.

But we just thought we should catch up with the 20th Century and recently audited our shipping times.

No surprise, year after year, decade after decade, we ship same day 96.5% of the time.

We never forget ... when you want it, you want it NOW.


Douglas A.J. Mockett