August 2017

Dear Friends:

If all goes as planned we will be mailing a new mini catalogue shortly after Labor Day, mid-September at latest. Nearly ready to go to print. It will be filled with good stuff, new ideas, and old standbys. We think you'll like it.

We've adopted the village of Chapa de Mota in Mexico and donated an ambulance to them, turning a six hour drive to the nearest hospital to one of less than two. Before our donation they had to call for one and it was at least three hours away.

Their local elementary school has become a special passion. It has been very special to see these kids grow.

A few weekends ago I was under the weather and our Oscar Carrillo went to graduation and brought each graduate a new backpack with the school supplies they'll need, like notebook, pencils and pens, and a solar powered calculator.

Chapa De Mota Graduation
Here are the kids at graduation!

Happy August, hard to believe Summer is almost over ... groan.

Douglas A.J. Mockett