April 2017
A confession: we've been making wire management grommets for 35+ years and know the drill. Honestly, it has gotten a little stale and we need a new challenge.

So -- I had a brilliant thought at 3am the other night.

We have designed an under-manhole cover massive charger. Similar to our Wireless Charger Series just pumped up with massive steroids!! Imagine a Supersized, huge round PCS76 Series maxed out with 220 or 440 volts and lotsa amps that can leap from manhole cover to, say, the charging unit built into the bottom of your electric car! It just hooks on to the bottom of the manhole cover and everything that passes over the manhole cover gets an automatic charge. A serious and revolutionary concept -- from SoCal, where else?

With virtually an unlimited number of manholes and manhole covers nationwide -- to say nothing of worldwide, they used to say "the world is our oyster". Huh! Yesterday's news. Today they will be proclaiming from every rooftop nationwide, - "the world is Mockett's manhole cover".

We've thought out all the details! Even a sign "Pacemakers Stay Away". We don't want to light up some poor pacemaker wearing dude. They've been warned.
Truly, a triumph for the Little Man!

Who says there's no ingenuity left in America! We're gonna show the world!!!