September 2016

Dear Friends:

Our Giant 50% Flash Sale flyer is at the printers and will go into the mail "soon". It should arrive the week of September 12. And will be posted on our website as well.

The sale is broken down into seven categories matching the seven primary categories of parts and accessories we sell. One category will be on sale every week for those seven weeks.

Sale begins Monday, September 19 and goes through the week of October 8. But not leaving any stone unturned, the week of October 15 we will hold a Final, Final "Junkyard Dog Sale of Sales" and hope to clear out any remaining excess inventory.

We don't do sales very often and are pleased to offer some of our great parts at bargain prices.

Labor day is traditionally the end of Summer and the beginning of school, leaves turning, lake cabins being closed for the Winter, RV's parked, and heavy clothes coming out.

Have a great Fall!

Douglas A. J. Mockett