May 2016

Dear Friends:

Trade show season is upon us! As you can see from our Tradeshows page, we will be at many diverse shows. As a direct marketing company we love to say "hello" to those voices we know on the phone.

We have lots of new products on our new display boards and are eager to show them to you. We’ll be at HD Expo in Las Vegas Wednesday through Friday of this week; hope to catch up with you there.

New Yorker Cartoon April 22-24 was the 10th annual Chihuahua Express 1100 mile rally. We won the first one in 2007, won again in 2013, and have always been really close to winning again. So there we were just cruising along on a highway speed transit section outside Chihuahua, Mexico, when out of the blue all hell broke loose. Car veered left and -- BOOM! -- hit the center divider wall moving the wall back some three feet. Then the Olds careened back into its own lane, narrowly missed a break in the divider, and - BOOM! - hit the wall again. Somehow either the left front tire went down or the steering rack broke for hit #1, then the car, with front wheels askew and no steering input, just turned itself into the wall for hit #2.

Sounds bad but the car barely kissed the wall. We’ll be back in action for October’s Carrera Panamericana!

Happy Spring after the non-Winter.

Douglas A. J. Mockett