January 2016

Dear Friends:

2015 was a great year for new products. We introduced 48 new product families, which translates into 579 new SKUs. 2016 looks to be an even better year. We already have some 40+ new products in development, not all of which will make the final cut, but perhaps 30 will. Not all bad. Later in the year we plan to produce another 300+ page full line color catalog, and mail it to everyone on our mailing list. This is a massive (read: expensive!) undertaking which is why we do it only every 3-4 years!

Wireless charging is the way to go and we are leading the field with our variety of very simple to use, yet very technically advanced wireless charging systems. With more to come!

We acquired the warehouse next door to our existing ones, adding another 13% capacity, for a total of some 70,000 square feet. And to think 35 years ago it was just me in the garage!

But best of all - we had a ball selecting wacky cartoons to use in each month's E-News. Always a hoot! Like this one, completely appropriate after Holiday binging.

Looking forward to working with you to make your 2016 The Best ever!

Douglas A. J. Mockett