December 2016

Dear Friends --

The strangest things happen on the Carrera rally, the 2500 mile length-of-Mexico event we do annually. But nothing can top what happened this year.

We had a rest break one morning in the small village of Chapa de Mota. A old woman came up and spoke to me in Spanish, a language I don't understand with any fluency. So I suggested she speak to navigator, and Mexican citizen, Manuel. So she did --- blah blah blah ... it appeared to be very animated.

Manuel came over and said, "she wants you to buy the village an ambulance". My reaction was, "what?". Then along came the village mayor, asking the same. And explaining the village was a 2 hour drive to the nearest hospital and it takes an ambulance 3 hours to get to the village and 2 hours back --5+ hours total. And a lot bad can happen to ill people in those long hours.

We left, and that was that. But the ambulance issue stayed with us.

A few weeks later Manuel called from Mexico and said that out of the blue a used car dealer friend had taken onto his car lot a used ambulance. And the price was right. And Chapa de Mota needed it.

So we are now negotiating for the ambulance, figuring out Mexican rules for used ambulances, stocking it with supplies, licensing, training, etc.

Hopefully we can get it all done soon. Manuel and Oscar and I hope to deliver the ambulance to Chapa de Mota before December 25 and give the village a fabulous Christmas! Complete with Santa Claus to pop out of the back and hand out presents to the kids!

Personally, I am very grateful the lady had the courage to ask. And have wondered how many times before she had asked and been told 'no'. 10? 100? 1000? Persistence pays. I don't know her name, but thank you.

All of us at Doug Mockett & Company send Christmas good wishes to you and yours. And our best for the New Year as well.


Douglas A.J. Mockett