August 2016

Dear Friends:

It is with great pleasure I share with you our growth. Not just growth in sales, but growth in our people. We've long had the policy of promoting from within and it has been a good one. We are able to take experienced people who know our company, know our customers, our products, our systems, our customer-oriented culture, and promote them almost seamlessly into greater responsibilities. So with a silent drumroll ("ta da") please welcome the following to their new challenges:

Oscar Carillo is our new Purchasing Manager. A 25 year vet of the company, he has worked in many areas before moving to Purchasing a few years ago.

Melissa Punch will be our New Products Manager. Melissa brings some deep experience to this task, having worked on new designs with many industrial designers and vendors.

Billy Peele has taken over all Marketing Manager duties. Billy has been doing our social media and now adds print and video.

Joe Gutierrez will be our new Graphic Designer, having worked up from Assistant over the past 5 years.

And Rod Nieto, a 19 year veteran, will be our new IT Manager.

Tyra Cunningham has been our Customer Service Manager for the past 8 years, has done a great job, and will continue to do a brilliant job in that role.

It is comforting to know we have such depth of talent in a small company.

Enjoy the balmy days of August... hope you can get away to the lake, the beach or the mountains!

Douglas A. J. Mockett