April 2016

Dear Friends:

One of the benefits we offer is, after five years' employment, a three month fully paid sabbatical. Actually I borrowed the concept from academia, where the idea was that a professor took a break from teaching for a school term to follow his muses. And came back refreshed. Why not? Our people come back tanned and relaxed and eager to get back to building the biz.

But I have never taken a sabbatical. Time's up! After 35 years I am just finishing up my own sabbatical. Since January 1, Rita and I have been 3000 miles and four time zones away from the fray and everyday of work. And it has been great! Gives one time to think on the state of things, to reflect on what could have been, and more than enough time to think about new products and new markets and marketing concepts.New Yorker Cartoon A good opportunity to plan for the next decade or more. The sabbatical concept is quite common in Europe but not here. And it should be. Relaxed and refreshed employees do better quality work. It is as simple as that.

Besides, with the communications of the 21st Century, iPhone, iPad, SKYPE, etc., no one really knows where you are physically located. Which brings to mind the cartoon on the right.

It was great to be away and even better to be back.

Douglas A. J. Mockett