October 2015

Dear Friends:

Everywhere in North America the month of October means that football season is in full swing. Except in Mexico! That country welcomes the annual running of La Carrera Panamericana, a race/rally from southern to northern Mexico. The route tries to emulate that of the original Pan Am, held from 1950 to 1954, run by the government to obtain publicity for the new Pan American highway running the length of Mexico and joining the USA to Guatemala, to say nothing of starting a modern highway system. And it was a wild affair, too! The race went full tilt through towns and villages, chickens scattered, hay bales exploded, and more than one spectator lost his life. Declaring they'd received enough PR (but really to end the carnage) the Mexican government closed it down after the 1954 race.

Then in 1988, an enterprising young Mexican promoter arranged to revive the event, only to be run as a "rally" with parts of the roads closed off for speed stages. It is nearly 30 years later and I'm pleased to say this is my - what? 26th or 27th Carrera - and the one event we look forward to annually.

La Carrera Panamericana Our trusty 1954 "Olds en Nombre Solamente" (Olds in Name Only) with 650hp and highly modified from the original Olds design, will be ready to win again. We were 2nd last year and 2nd this year at the three-day Chihuahua Express, so 2015 is our turn!

Event starts Friday, October 16 in the southern town of Tuxtla Gutierrez and ends 7 days and 2500 grueling miles later in Durango on Thursday, October 23. We'll keep you posted as we (hopefully) progress!

Douglas A. J. Mockett