November 2015

Dear Friends:

Last month I wrote glowingly about the upcoming Carrera Panamericana. We had a great car and great expectations, and nearly fulfilled them. Key word "nearly".

Qualified 8th of some 100 entries and held 8th overall for a few days (of 7 days and 2500 miles) before slowly moving up to 6th and 5th and then 4th with a day to go. We were on the charge!

Then it happened. On the last afternoon of the last day. Of course. Driving full bore on a stage named appropriately "Spine of the Devil", with huge drop offs on both sides, slowed into a turn and slammed on the brakes, and... and... and... NO brakes! Somehow we didn't go over the edge of the Spine of the Devil and into oblivion, and somehow miraculously kept it on the road, but that was it for our race. O-U-T. A few hours later the Olds was loaded on the trailer and back to LA.

La Carrera Panamericana The irony is we would have ended up in 3rd place overall as the guy we were chasing for 3rd ended up blowing his engine and, like us, did not finish!

Mother said there would be days like this... and mom was always right.

Then the worst irony is we are now back at work and have to face reality... and another six months before driving the Olds in the Chihuahua Express. Cannot wait!

Douglas A. J. Mockett