March 2015

Dear Friends:

Trade Show season is just around the corner and are we excited about it! The schedule where we will be exhibiting can be found on our Trade Shows page, and I trust you will be able to stop by, see our incredible new concepts, and say hello to our knowledgeable staff. We are proud of our new products, all designed to enhance your future.

Life Lesson Learned, or, "What could possibly go wrong?"

Doug's trunk full of fire extinguisher expelled Here is a photo (right) of the trunk of my car. The tan stuff everywhere is the discharge from one of the fire extinguishers I was taking to get recharged.

Yes, I admit that one of the safety pins fell out of one of the extinguishers as it was placed in the trunk, but I thought - what were the chances the thing would roll over in the trunk and set itself off? Slim to none, I reasoned. Wrong.

Not only did the extinguisher-gone-wild fill the trunk but the stuff also oozed out the back of the trunk and forward into the driver compartment - looked like the entire car was on fire!

An expensive cleaning and detailing and the car is like new. But - a lesson learned - Like they teach you about hand grenades in Army basic training -- be sure the pin is in! Or else ...

Spring is coming and the snow is going (we hope for those inundated this season), and we look forward to a great 2015 for you.

Douglas A. J. Mockett